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  1. Extension Manager v1.2!





    This tool makes it very easy to manage extensions' icons, and even descriptions with a few clicks.

    Now also has functions like changing drive icons, changing OEM logo and info, and registration info!

    Known bugs:


    This program works on all versions of Windows after XP (XP, XP x64 (untested), Vista, Vista x64).

    Framework 2.0 is needed in order for this application to run. (Vista has it installed by default as far as I know)

    Please DO provide feedback so I can improve this application!

    v0.1A 09.08.08

    - First public beta release


    v0.2A 10.08.08

    - Bugfix #1 - EM couldn't extract icons from resource files like .exe / .dll

    - Bugfix #2 - Cancelling the 'browse' dialog would clear the current icon path


    v0.3A 24.08.08

    - Bugfix #3 - If user typed in an extension which didn't existed, EM would show folder icons in preview

    - Added OS text

    - Updated Templates list

    - System Elements has been hidden for now. (compatibility issues)

    - Bugfix #4 - Now getting icons from resource files should work 100%

    - Bugfix #5 - EM would crash if icon path was '%1' a temporary fix has fixed this problem (full fix will be later)

    - Small UI changes

    - Added 'DriveIcon' module, it can change the icon for the local drives (each drive gets own icon)

    - Bugfix #6 - Description fields has been changed to one, as I've found out how it works 100%

    - Added Icon Index field (you can actually change the index manually if you know the index of the ico files in the .dll/.exe

    - Bugreport #1 - When loading many extensions in EM at one run, it will crash (outofmemory error)

    - Added 'Restart Explorer' for updating Icons/Descriptions. This will terminate all explorer windows

    - Bugfix #7 - Fixed bug in the 'Icon Index' field

    - Bugfix #8 - Driver module couldn't overwrite old configuration before, now fixed


    v1.0 - 23.10.08

    - Bugfix #9 - Finally fixed the biggest bug of them all, when you try to load too many extensions in one run

    - Added 'Edit Templates'

    - Added 'USB Drive Icons'

    - Added 'Change Registration Info'

    - Added 'Change OEM Info'

    - Added icons

    - Some UI changes

    - Should be stable now!


    v1.1 - 26.10.08

    - Bugfix #10 - If icon path had quotes in it, Extension Manager would crash

    - Bugfix #11 - Vista OEM values were wrong, now corrected

    - Bugfix #12 - Removed the 'resize' bar from status bar (not really a bug)

    - Bugfix #13 - Fixed templatesbox displaying an empty box without items

    - Added ENTER button event, now you don't have to use mouse to press 'load' when loading extensions

    - UI changes

    - Pick icon dialog added, it can open icons from inside DLL/EXE files, remember to set the open file dialog filter to application or dynamic link library!

    - Optimized code

    - Added some checks

    - Changed the way EM restarts explorer (still closes all your open windows though)


    v1.2 - 28.10.08

    - Switched to .NET v2.0 instead of .NET v3.5, no need for long waiting time downloading .NET v3.5 anymore!

    - Changed Start Page content

    - Added 'Re-build icon cache'

    - Added new icon index

    - OEM info is now loaded at startup

    - Added 'Check for updates', so you can check for updates trough EM without opening your browser

    - Bugfix #11 - EM would display a folder if you cancel the 1st dialog when browsing for files

    - Bugfix #12 - If current icon/resource file wasn't found, EM manager would exit

    - Bugfix #13 - EM would change the new icon file, even if you cancelled the 2nd dialog

    - Bugfix #14 - Resource index was assigned wrong to the registry, should be working now

    - Bugfix #15 - Fixed wrong XP OEM values

    - Bugfix #16 - Fixed XP OEM Logo not being changed


    Download here!

  2. UAC Tool v1.0

    Easy tool to disable or enable the UAC in Vista.

    Requires Framework 2,0 or higher.



    Please come with feedback, it is much appreciated.

    EDIT: 19/10-08

    Added command line:

    To switch UAC ON:

    UACTool.exe /ON

    To switch UAC OFF:

    UACTool.exe /OFF

    Remember that it requires framework... Vista has the needed version installed by default so it shouldn't be a problem.


  3. No! :P

    I saw it in their news section! :P

    But it has changed NOW! They also got a new favicon! :)


    We have launched our newly designed website. We hope you will enjoy the improved usability and better layout! We have also developed a new logo.

    To enable you to check out the site in-depth, we have doubled the download volume for premium users: Instead of 25 gigabytes you can now download 50 gigabytes within 5 days.

  4. Well,relaunch2008.jpg

    RapidShare is working on a new design, I am actually quite excited as I am using it nearly every day (both Upload and Download [Premium User]), I thought that they could use a little refresh, so let's see... I just hope they get rid of the horrible CATS! My download users can't find them when they are downloading stuff I have uploaded!

  5. Well.. Since this is about keys, I won't make a new topic.

    SOMETIMES when I'm on my laptop, and posting/writing stuff, it somehow "holds the ctrl button"!

    I mean, example: I had just finished making a post on a forum, made the "=)" smiley, and posted.

    After it posted, I couldn't write anything (well, if i hit "S" in firefox (even if the focus was on the adress bar) it would open the "save as.." dialog), it just said a lot of error sounds (system sounds, when you do something wrong etc.), and when i tried to write numbers, it wrote the symbols.. I mean it wrote "$" when I was hitting "4" (DK layout keyboard, for writing "$" I must hold down "ALT-GR+4", this is pretty weird, as before it seemed like it hold my CTRL button.

    This is getting pretty annoying as it happens in some critical times when I really need to use the keyboard. (Once I was writing a .doc, and then it hold some button and it made "Select all+delete", and I couldn't redo since it just made a system sound when I pressed "CTRL+Z".)

    Thanks in advance!

    Mr. Thunderbird. =)

  6. Hello all!

    I got a little problem.

    I have this desktop machine, and my CD/DVD drive is a USB one. I can see it and the harddisks in BIOS options, but when I try to boot into system, or try to boot from an XP CD (which I has tested on another computer, and it worked well) and I have tried with another older XP cd.

    Every time I try to boot from an XP CD it says that I should reboot my system and connect a right bootable device. When I try to boot from harddisk which already has XP installed on it, it says that some nddr thing is missing and that I shouls press CTRL+ALT+DEL to reboot. I thought it was my motherboard because sometimes my computer was turning off, so I bought a new one today, but the same thing (can't boot) happens with this one too. I've tried many different harddisk and still same thing (both SATA and IDE).

    And btw, when I insert the motherboard driver CD, it boot without problems.

    I hope you can help me on this one guys. :D:)

    ANY help is appreciated.

  7. Hello all!

    As some of you may know, I ordered a laptop a week back.


    Today I got it! :D

    It's awesome, just amazing! Everything works like it should, fast and clear, with the best sound!

    Anyways, I went to the Experience Index (just for fun). I HAVE already installed all the drivers needed. However, when I press "Update Now", my GPU still rates "1.0", and it still says "Hardware has changed, please update the rating".

    I've tried updating the drivers, that didn't help, I've tried updating 3 times in a row, that didn't help either.

    Has anyone an idea about why it's doing this?

    Any help is appreciated. :)

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