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  1. I just found a 'secret feature' on my Firefox3B5 Ubuntu installation...

    Try selecting some text, then go to some place in Firefox where you can type text (Search Bar, Address Bar..) and press the middle mouse button (mouse3, press the mouse wheel). and it will paste the previous selected text! :)

  2. Wow!

    That's pretty sick requirements! 30GB?

    A bummer that M$ didn't listened to the users that had a huge problem with Vista, and that it's just not a good enough OS. (I'm sayin that using x64 ultimate, lol).

    They should build it from XP... :)

  3. :unsure: Yeah!

    Oh well... Going to reformat then. :) Just a bummer... Just reformatted 2 days ago, worked REALLY GOOD ( No lagg, no pause, no hangs, FULL Vista effects and stuff like that), but well now... It's trashed, even when using the classic theme it laggs and hangs a lot.. :(

  4. I've just scanned it with NOD32 AV. 0 infections found.

    Well, I'm on Vista, so I pressed GO TO Services, now there is around 10 Services highlighted.

    OK; I did TASKLIST /SVC...

    The SVCHOST.EXE which eats my resources has PID 336, so I looked at the tasklist I got from cmd.

    I got:

    SCVHOST.EXE 336 AudioEndpointbuilder, cscService, EMDmgmt, hidserv, Netman, PcaSvc, Sysmain, TabletInputDevice, tRKWKS,UXSMS, WDIsystemhost, wlansvc, WPDBusEnum, wudfsvc.

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