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  1. 13 hours ago, mooms said:

    It's described as the offline installer of .NET 4.7.2, I'm not sure if we should install it.


    Now I installed on a VM NET-FW 4.7.2 with the full installer (new, 80 MB): WU asks only for the security- and quality update.

    It means for me that it's not really necessary, only on a new system install the new installer should be used.

  2. I think we should install them because

    1) The full offline-installer is 70 MB + LanguagePack, this update is only 12 MB big.

    2) If the offline-installer has been downloaded before 10-7-2018, this update should be installed; from the MS-Info:


    Note The package installer (NDP472-KB4054530-x86-x64-AllOS-ENU.exe) was updated on July 10, 2018. If you downloaded the installer before July 10, 2018, we recommend that you download the latest version (4.7.3081.0) of the installer to get the additional fixes included in the update.

    The version before 10-07-2018 is 4.7.3062.0.

    If I'll got the time, I'll try it tomorrow on my Test-PC.

  3. Just a small question:

    to work on an Windows 10 ISO do I need DISM/AIK version 10 for WinToolkit?

    I'm working on a Win7 Pro x64 system.

    How can I select in WinToolkit-Options which version to use? Simply add?


    Thanks in advance.

  4. 2 hours ago, rhahgleuhargh said:


    Concerning old and superseeded updates asked by WU after Patch Tuesday, just be patient, usually things go to normal way after a few days : I don't know if the database needs to be updated or if it's just a bug. I suggest you to hide the requested old updates, and retest later.....

    No chance for me to get rid of those 4 old updates only under Windows 7 HomePremium x86!

    I spent the last four days with different VMs and WTK versions: nothing to do, those damned 4 updates are still requested by WU 🤬, if I use the actual UL.

    Only with the UL 12-12-2017 I can install without request by WU; I need this UL for my old laptop (with AMD Turion X2) to work with my SIMATIC control unit at home.

  5. I use Windows 7 x64, IE11 is installed but not the standard browser (I use Cyberfox), OS is with the actual patch level.

    If I start the tool I don't see IE at all (background?); I can choose the edition I want, but it's not the best.

    29 minutes ago, Jan Krohn said:

    Judging from the file size, they must be RTM.

    I think so too.

    Have a nice week.

  6. Hi Jan,

     1) I use version 6.0.4 and when I choose an edition (no matter if Windows 7 or Office 2010) the pull-down menu begins wide an becomes narrower very quickly; is it normal?

    2) Do you know, which Service Pack (RTM, SP1 or SP2) is in the Office 2010 downloads?

    Thanks a lot for your answer.

  7. Quote

    Pour les mises à jour obsolètes proposées attends qq jours et refais une vérification cela devrait disparaître (c'est arrivé plusieurs fois ces derniers mois avec les rollups précédents, et ce sont toujours les mêmes mises à jour qui sont reproposées, dont une vieille d'IE 11). J'opterais pour un retard de mise à jour sur la base de données de WU. Regarde qq pages plus haut, Thiersee reporte souvent le problème et cela s'arrange tout seul sans intervention nécessaire. 


    I installed yesterday 5 VMs (VirtualBox) and tose 4 old updates have been not requested by WU; last week just after the patch day they have been requested after every installation!



    I must change my post: only on W7 x64 does WU not request the 4 old updates; on x86 it's still requesting them 😨!

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