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  1. 1 hour ago, pennsylvaniaron said:

    4041083, 4049016, 3185319 4099950

    As I already said before:

    KB3185319 is an old update for IE11, I get it requested ONLY on HPx86

    KB4099950, may be you use an older version (before 17.4.2018); re-download it and retry

    KB4041083 & KB4049016 are older superseded NET-FW (ALL versions) related, they CAN be 4.7.2-related, but they can be 3.5.1-related too; which size have the requests in WU?

  2. 21 hours ago, rhahgleuhargh said:


    DNF3.5.1 : KB4457008 remplace KB4457044



    It seems not to be.

    I've just installed W7-Pro x64 Italian without KB4457044: after restart WU asks for KB4457918 with a size of 22.3 MB: this is exact the size of KB4457044!

    Installed KB4457044 manually and WU does not ask anymore for it.

    Have a nice WE, Thiersee

  3. 3 hours ago, abbodi1406 said:

    regarding KB3150513

    it's requested because it depend on telemetry components existence, not KB2952664 itself

    Wrong Info from MS, as usual...



    This update will be offered only if the following prerequisite updates are installed:

    Or you mean, it happens because the component KB2952664 is now built-in in the monthly rollup and the request comes after the rollup has been installed?

  4. 1 hour ago, Jan Krohn said:

    I'm not yet sure how to cover this sort of thing in the download descriptions without ambiguities.

    I agree, it will be not easy, if possible at all....


    Thai Academic gives me an error

    Thai H&S is for me a "mixed" version in the same way as English H&S, only the SP1 files are dated 2011, all other are 2010.

    All Professional I tried from Tech G are RTM.

    I downloaded today more than 20 GB to test the files, but now is enough: I got the versions I want (German/Italian, H&B and H&S) and this was for me the major goal.

  5. @pennsylvaniaron

    Just read the post before yours...😉.


    I did not (yet) install fresh VMs, I updated the old ones and my working system too: in this case I got first the servicing-stack asked and then KB3150513.


    Are you sure that KB2652664 is removed

    It's not installed and hidden with the vbs-script.

    May be I can test a VM tomorrow (if I get the time....).

  6. Hi Jan,

    just a couple of hints the user should know about; it refers ONLY to Office 2010

    First of all: absolutely no issues on downloading!

    1) All the downloads from Tech G are the RTM-version (the contained files are from 2010!), the Academic-version too (Upper Box)!

    2) The downloads from the upper-box, H&S, H&B and Personal (Japanese) are all with SP1 (the contained files are from 2011!)

    BTW, all the download directly from MS with this link Earlier versions of Office are all from Tech G too!

    May be you can modify the titles in your tool....


  7. Hi,

    this patch-day was for me in three steps (WU):

    1) WU asks for

    KB4462923 replaces KB4457144 and KB2952664

    KB4459922 installing KB4457008 for NET-FW 3.5.1 (replaces 4457044) and KB4457016 for NET-FW 4.7.2 (replaces 4457035)

    2) After restart WU asks for

    KB3177467-V2 replaces KB3177467

    3) After restart WU asks for

    KB3150513, should be asked only on systems where KB2652664 is installed (MS-info); on my system it has been asked, even if KB2952664 is NOT installed (hidden).


  8. 1 hour ago, pennsylvaniaron said:

    Hey thiersee thanks for reply. I am using the link you gave me for NFW 4.7.2 (3151.7) to download that file. kb4457918 is not in the Convenience UL's.


    Of course it doesn't belong to Windows Update directly; if you do not install NET-FW 4.xx, you don't need that update and you'll not be asked for.


    Would this be a separate step to get kb4457918 ...

    Just wait for an updated NET-FW from the link, I gave you; I'll noptice you, when an updated file is available.

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