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  1. Salut icare, Pourrais-tu mettre des miroirs sur mediafire ou mega ? Avec Google je télécharge à 30 ko/s...
  2. UL Office 2016 pour WUD

    Et au passage il vaudrait mieux les mettre sur Wincert par prévention...
  3. Parfait, c'est encore plus simple pour les installer maintenant !
  4. Apparemment Microsoft a fait retirer les fichiers...ce qui est stupide puisque ce ne sont que des fichiers xml avec des liens pointant sur leurs serveurs, pas de piratage dans l'histoire ! J'aimerais bien savoir en quoi ces UL dérangent MS... rhahgleuhargh, le mieux est de les uploader directement sur Wincert, vu qu'il faut un compte pour les télécharger ça devrait nous protéger des robots de chez MS...
  5. Java Multi Maker 3.5

    Here is 3.6 beta2 JAVA-Multi_Maker_3.6b2.zip works with Java 9 x86 & x64 You have to download the Java 9 x86 and/or x64 setup(s), copy it/them in the "JRE_setups" folder then launch "_JAVA_Multi_Maker.cmd". Tested on Windows 10 x64, both normal and admin install works.
  6. Java Multi Maker 3.5

    Thanks Thiersee. I will update the maker later with x86 installation.
  7. Java Multi Maker 3.5

    Here is a beta version for Java 9 JAVA-Multi_Maker_3.6b1.zip You have to download the Java 9 x64 setup from here and copy it in the "JRE_setups" folder then launch "_JAVA_Multi_Maker.cmd". Tested on Windows 10 x64, both normal and admin install works. It will uninstall any previous x64 Java 7 or 8 version before installing Java 9, but keep x86 versions. I don't know if Java 9 will have a x86 version, for this beta it's only x64. I haven't tested if the browser plugins are installed. Please test and report how it works. Java 8 will be supported and updated until September 2018, so there is no hurry to update.
  8. Do you have any issue with the current version ?
  9. 32 bits: SW_DVD5_Office_Professional_Plus_2010w_SP1_W32_German_CORE_MLF_X17-76790.ISO 1.22 GB (1,311,928,320 bytes) CRC32: A7F2337F MD5: 3890BCA2542AF32E3CD3D082BCEE6575 SHA-1: B85CC626FA790E03ABD130536E99C5D054DC1512 64 bits: SW_DVD5_Office_Professional_Plus_2010w_SP1_64Bit_German_CORE_MLF_X17-76797.ISO 1.40 GB (1,512,833,024 bytes) CRC32: A85054AE MD5: 74666137C50D3429FAE54C94C4AA034D SHA-1: E717DCED9A2204E3EF82D13BDAEDE9A0B0F5CBAD Source
  10. Notepad2-Mod 4.2.25 r998

    Updated to r998
  11. Teamviewer SFX Maker

    Ton lien pointe vers mon maker pour WinRAR !
  12. Update: Updated 7za and the sfx module. The setups are no longer renamed, the config file is now dynamically generated. The Binary folder has been renamed to setup, so it's clearer. Themes are now to be placed in the Themes folder. The AddOn is no longer created by default. It is still possible to create it if desired. Added error and success messages. In-depth review of the script. Removed the executable, the script is open source and I prefer.