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  1. You need to download the iso in an other drive than the usb stick that will be used by RUFUS (other stick, or make some space on your C: drive) , because it will be formatted by RUFUS. You have to set RUFUS as showed in this picture, (you have to tell it where is stored the iso file obviously) then it will not create an autorun.inf and it will be bootable:
  2. Download the iso, then transfer it to your USB stick with Rufus
  3. Thanks for the suggestion @OnePiece
  4. Firefox SFX Maker AIO

    I tried it and, quite frankly, I've found the UI very bad. uBO can already block scripts anyway. The provided profile is just an example of what can be done, I don't want to bloat it too much. (it's already the biggest folder of the archive).
  5. Firefox SFX Maker AIO

    Yes, and Decentraleyes too, it don't need any configuration so you have a better privacy without any cons. You're right, it's better that way.
  6. Firefox SFX Maker AIO

    Hi Thiersee, 1) Not worth it IMO, users of this script are likely to be advanced users and they should already know about the deprecation of the XUL extensions. Note that I only embedded Web extensions, and only two (the most useful to my opinion: uBlock Origin & DecentralEyes). I've also added user.js and userchrome.css to show some example of customizations for Firefox 57+. 2) Thanks, it will be corrected in the next version. As always, thank your for your inputs & suggestions.
  7. Firefox SFX Maker AIO

    Version 5.3 Correction d'un bug sur les versions autres que "stable" Retour à la version 9.22 de 7za (compresse mieux) l'URL de téléchargement est montrée pendant le téléchargement du setup Màj de l'extension Decentraleyes
  8. Firefox SFX Maker AIO

    Version 5.2 is out What's new: Corrected a bug with other versions than stable Reverted to 7za v9.22 to achieve better compression Showing the Download URL when downloading the setup Updated Decentraleyes extension
  9. Utilitaires [18-11-2017]

    Màj de: HWInfo AlternateStreamView SIV WizTree ScreenToGif Rufus CPU-Z GPU-Z CrystalDiskInfo CrystalDiskMark
  10. Firefox SFX Maker AIO

    Version 5.2 màj de l'icône du SFX avec celle du nouvel installeur màj du profil par défaut ajout d'un fichier UserChrome.css ajout d'un fichier user.js
  11. Firefox SFX Maker AIO

    Version 5.2 is out What's new: Udpated SFX icon to the new Firefox installer Updated the default profile Added userChrome.css Added user.js
  12. OVHGate impact on WinCert

    Hi Jan, Glad to see the site online again !
  13. Java Multi Maker 3.5 & 4.0b4

    OK thanks.
  14. Java Multi Maker 3.5 & 4.0b4

    Thanks. How do you find these ? The naming is yet again different... You're right, I missed a zero It still works fine though. Thanks for your input.