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  1. @Pink_Freud During my tests in VM I didn't integrate both KB4457008 and KB4457044 with latest KB4459934. Result : a 22 MB cumulative update for DNF is asked by WU, the same as reported by thiersee last month with previous UL. Reinstalling KB4457044 solves the problem. When integrating with KB4457044 : nothing is asked. So you can skip KB4457008. I don't understand why KB4457044 is still needed since files should be replaced by new cumulative update (I get by, there are too much files to compare), but it's not the first time this problem occurs with WU. Maybe abbodi1406 has the answer.
  2. rhahgleuhargh

    icare [13 Nov 2018] SFX Microsoft

    Salut icare, Merci pour la MAJ ! RAS sur mes machines virtuelles sur une install fraîche.
  3. Hello, Voici le changelog du mois : Security Monthly Quality Rollup : KB4467107 remplace KB4462923, KB2892074 et KB3078601 (classic) DNF3.5.1 : KB4459934 remplace KB4457008 (KB4457044 est toujours nécessaire) Tests en cours terminés.
  4. Hello, ULs mises à jour avec la version d'octobre. ce sera probablement la dernière version avant la 1809. Pour celle-ci, je ne ferai plus d'UL en x86.
  5. @Thiersee Confirmed ! Previous post edited. I just need to recheck for x86 and I'll upload updated ULs. EDIT : Done !
  6. @Thiersee Thanks for report, I haven't begin tests yet. WU makes me tired... I'll edit previous post when confirmed.
  7. Machines virtuelles débuggées ! Changelog définitif : Security Monthly Quality Rollup : KB4462923 remplace KB4457144, KB3003743 (classic) DNF3.5.1 : KB4457008 remplace KB4457044 RunOnce Updates : KB3177467 V2 Telemetry Updates : KB3150513 à masquer. Je mettrai à jour le fichier .VBS de l'archive du premier post.
  8. rhahgleuhargh

    icare [13 Nov 2018] SFX Microsoft

    Salut icare, RAS en x64 et x86. Merci pour la mise à jour.
  9. Yes, it's a telemetry related update. The surprise is that it's an old update (2016).
  10. @Thiersee Thanks for feedback ! I encountereded some problems with my classic VMs, so I need to completely rebuild them. Classic KB3003743 seems to be superseeded in x86 and maybe x64. In my case, service stack wasn't asked, but KB3150513 was at first WU. I've updated hidden KB list from the VBS script. Are you sure that KB2652664 is removed (I never include it). I'll upload ULs when all will be checked (maybe this WE).
  11. rhahgleuhargh

    Win Toolkit website dead ?

    Hello, Since a few days it's impossible to access to Win Toolkit Website. Is it closed ? If it's the case, last beta version is working like a charm and could be uploaded here instead of stable version.
  12. Oui, ça commence à sentir le sapin comme pour XP...