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    alfreire reacted to Legolash2o in Final Year Project - WinToolkit v2 [Approved]   
    In case you didn't know, I've been drafting up my proposal to finally work on a new Wintoolkit v2 as my final year project at university. It will be EPIC. I've received feedback and made changes to my proposal, just awaiting for further feedback. Once that is done, I will submit it
    I will keep you guys up-do-date in this thread as soon as I hear anything. Basically it will be starting WinToolkit from scratch. Here are a few things you should expect.
     ·         Make more use of mutli-tasking
    All-In-One Integrator will integrate wallpapers, gadgets and others at the same time as other tasks, saving even more time. Run other tools whilst integration is in progress. Converting files, downloading and so fourth. Click here for multi-threading experiment results.
    ·         Run speed profile tests to see if code can be made more efficient.
    I want Win Toolkit v2 to be very very efficient and run as fast a possible. This includes running automated tests which tell me the slow areas of my code and then I basically plan how I can make it fast. Every millisecond will count! This WILL improve ALL-In-One Integrator dramatically!!!!!!!!
    ·         Conduct extensive testing to ensure final software meets requirements.
    I will have to do testing reports and documentation, hopefully you guys can help too.
    ·         Design and implement automated testing.
    I will use the tools available in Visual Studio to design automated testing. This will ensure that if i make a change it wont screw up anything that worked previously. Each method will have multiple automated tests.
    ·         Automated online databases
    The only database using SQL will keep automatically keep track of what of updates are LDR or GDR saving previous extracting time. Keep tracking of what updates can and can't be integrated. Allow me to add notes to updates so if an issue appears with an update I can make it show notes without havign to download a new version. The above three implementations will be amazing. You would not have update WinToolkit to solve integration issues, it will all be done without lifting a finger by anyone! It also includes other benefits.
    Keep tracking of Win Toolkit updates. Track errors and bugs.  
    ·         Automatic Updating
    Win Toolkit will update itself automatically (can be turned off) and will hopefully download only parts of the file which has changed saving your bandwidth. You will also have the option to download beta updates.
     ·         Consistent and predictable release cycle.
    Test Builds: Pretty much every night.Beta Builds: Every Saturday night.Main Builds: First Saturday of the month.  WinToolkit v1Wanted to know what Win Toolkit looks like in its physical form? I decided to print out all the code and will be painfully going through it all to look for areas of improvement! 
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    alfreire reacted to NIM in [Solved] Looking for DDR2 Ram   
    I would send you some parts Rick, but the last time I sent you some parts shipment costs were hilarious
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    alfreire reacted to dareckibmw in [Solved] Looking for DDR2 Ram   
    Nice find!
    I PM'ed Kels. I guess we just need to wait for him to get back to us.
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    alfreire reacted to dareckibmw in [Solved] Looking for DDR2 Ram   
    I've sent you few bucks, now go get that mobo!
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    alfreire reacted to ricktendo in [Solved] Looking for DDR2 Ram   
    WOW you guys, found an even better one (INTEL DQ45CB) at the same price (difference is it can handle up to 16GB of ram, 6 vs 4 sata ports and can do raid)
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    alfreire got a reaction from ricktendo in [Solved] Looking for DDR2 Ram   
    Little donation for Motherboard: 62855323HB482310H
    Regards... ;-)
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    alfreire reacted to Kelsenellenelvian in [Solved] Looking for DDR2 Ram   
    I gots lots 'o ddr2 I just couldn't afford shipping.
    (2gig sticks, like 6 of them)
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    alfreire reacted to dareckibmw in [Solved] Looking for DDR2 Ram   
    Kels, is it possible for you to ship them within US? I am sending the package to Ricardo (CPU with heatsink, CD/DVD burner and some ram-unknown speed), I could put it together in one box.

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    alfreire reacted to kanyos in [Repack] InnoExtractor   
    Now i want to share InnoExtractor repacked by me :thumbsup:

    Source: IE_Install.exe
    About: Unpacker for Inno Setup-based installers. Extract the internal files and script without to run the setup.

    Tools used:
    Inno Setup 5.5.5 for recompile and edit script
    Language files except English
    Script shellexec/postinstall/uninstallrun to web link
    replaced 7z.dll v9.20 with 7z.dll v9.34a
    Added into script:

    Type: filesandordirs; Name: "{userappdata}\InnoExtractor"
    Type: filesandordirs; Name: "{userdocs}\InnoExtractor"
    Type: filesandordirs; Name: "{localappdata}\Temp\InnoExtractorCache"

    Type: filesandordirs; Name: "{userappdata}\InnoExtractor"
    Type: filesandordirs; Name: "{userdocs}\InnoExtractor"
    Type: filesandordirs; Name: "{localappdata}\Temp\InnoExtractorCache"
    Type: filesandordirs; Name: "{app}"
    Root: HKCU32; Subkey: "Software\Classes\exefile\shell\InnoExtractor"; Flags: uninsdeletekey dontcreatekey
    Root: HKLM; Subkey: "Software\InnoExtractor"; Flags: uninsdeletekey dontcreatekey
    File name: IE_Install_Repack.exe
    Size: 1,72MB
    MD5:  778C4ADE35CE7E1EE78ED3E4744FE3C0
    Download: http://www.datafilehost.com/d/51993959
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    alfreire reacted to ricktendo in [Repak] Adobe Shockwave Player   
    Download once more, you were too quick (maybe I had not fully uploaded)
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    alfreire reacted to kanyos in [Repack] InnoExtractor   
    Updated v4.6.2.150 :thumbsup:
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    alfreire reacted to ricktendo in [Repak] KB931125 Windows Root Certificate (March)   
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    alfreire reacted to ricktendo in [Repak] Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.41212   
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    alfreire reacted to ricktendo in Silent-Switches for *.msu of Win dows Update   
    /quiet /norestart
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    alfreire reacted to kanyos in [Repack] CPU-Z 1.71.1   
    hi bro, i'am new in here. i'am newbie
    i want to share my repack prog. Yes, CPU-Z
    Source: cpu-z_1.71.1-en.exe
    About: CPU-Z is a tool that gathers information on some of the main devices of your system.
    Removed CPU-Z ia64.
    Edited cpuz.ini file for disable Auto Update--> CheckUpdates=0

    File name: cpu-z_1.71.1-en-repack.exe
    Size: 1,85MB
    MD5: E344C966CACC675DC99B3DDCE9E0D486
    Download: http://www.datafilehost.com/d/7cbd1998
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    alfreire reacted to ricktendo in [Modded] InstEd (LZX:21)   
    This is the yumeyao LZX:21 mod of InstEd (you can credit him and ONLY him for this)

    Download the updated/repacked installer

    http://adf.ly/1713566/instedmsiMD5: 9d3afa16be6c4e70bd985af58b666428 Size: 2.04 MB
    Or download the MST so you can apply it to current (or future) version of InstEd yourself

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    alfreire reacted to ricktendo in Silent Install + keyboard language settings + Autounattended XML   
    You have to put your keyboard settings in oobe section
    BTW quick tip, to know what number to enter. Configure your keyboard just the way you want it (via the control panel,) then open a cmd prompt and enter

    dism /online /get-intl
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    alfreire reacted to Legolash2o in Driver Integration Makes Installation Fail   
    Put the drivers in a folder called 'Drivers' on the DVD root and WinToolkit will only install what's needed.
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    alfreire reacted to ricktendo in [Tweaked] Skype (Multilanguage)   
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    alfreire reacted to Forseti in Clover SFX Installer   
    many thanks ricardo, works great!  (Flags: regserver) :dancing: 
    finished Inno script for Clover (x86 & x64) :
    [Setup]AppName=CloverAppVerName=CloverAppVersion= TechnologyDefaultDirName={pf}\CloverDefaultGroupName=CloverUninstallDisplayIcon={app}\clover.exeOutputBaseFilename=SetupCompression=lzma2/MaxArchitecturesInstallIn64BitMode=x64DisableProgramGroupPage=yesWizardImageFile=embedded\WizModernImage-IS.bmpWizardSmallImageFile=embedded\WizModernSmallImage-IS.bmpAppCopyright=© 2013 EJIE Technology[Files]Source: "{app}\clover.exe"; DestDir: "{app}"; Flags: ignoreversionSource: "{app}\clover.dll"; DestDir: "{app}"; Flags: ignoreversionSource: "{app}\TabHelper32.dll"; DestDir: "{app}"; Check: "not IsWin64"; Flags: regserver ignoreversionSource: "{app}\TabHelper64.dll"; DestDir: "{app}"; Check: "IsWin64"; Flags: regserver ignoreversionSource: "{app}\locales\de.pak"; DestDir: "{app}\locales"; Flags: ignoreversionSource: "{app}\locales\en-US.pak"; DestDir: "{app}\locales"; Flags: ignoreversion[Icons]Name: "{group}\Clover"; Filename: "{app}\clover.exe";[CustomMessages]default.NameAndVersion=%1 version %2default.AdditionalIcons=Additional icons:default.UninstallProgram=Uninstall %1default.LaunchProgram=Launch %1default.AssocFileExtension=&Associate %1 with the %2 file extensiondefault.AssocingFileExtension=Associating %1 with the %2 file extension...[Languages]; These files are stubs; To achieve better results after recompilation, use the real language filesName: "default"; MessagesFile: "embedded\default.isl";
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    alfreire reacted to ricktendo in [Inno Setup]: How to Pin Program to TaskBar in Win 7... ;-)   
    This is great, thanks
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    alfreire reacted to pitoloko in [Help] Restart Explorer from batch file...? (x64)   
    I were in the same problem of you and I've developed time ago a mini-tool in .NET (VB) to solve that issue.
    You can compile this Class into an exe and just run the compiled exe, the entire desktop is shown not only a explorer window like happened using CMD.
    But my program is not for restart explorer, it don't kills explorer, it just start it, so if you want to kill explorer then you need to write that isntruction (in Batch for example using TaskKill command like you was using in your example).
    PS: If you want the program compiled then here is: http://www.mediafire.com/download/olj659v29ao8gdv/InitializeExplorer.exe
    The source is just a CLI app with a Module containning these lines:
    ' By Elektro
    #Region " Imports "
    Imports System.IO
    Imports System.Runtime.InteropServices
    Imports InitializeExplorer.NativeMethods
    #End Region
    ''' Initializes a new instance of Explorer process.
    Module InitializeExplorer
    #Region " P/Invoke "
    ''' Class NativeMethods.
    Friend Class NativeMethods
    ''' Retrieves a handle to the top-level window whose class name and window name match the specified strings.
    ''' This function does not search child windows.
    ''' This function does not perform a case-sensitive search.
    ''' The class name or a class atom created by a previous call to the
    ''' RegisterClass or RegisterClassEx function.
    ''' The atom must be in the low-order word of lpClassName;
    ''' the high-order word must be zero.
    ''' If lpClassName points to a string, it specifies the window class name.
    ''' The class name can be any name registered with RegisterClass or RegisterClassEx,
    ''' or any of the predefined control-class names.
    ''' If lpClassName is NULL, it finds any window whose title matches the lpWindowName parameter.
    ''' The window name (the window's title).
    ''' If this parameter is NULL, all window names match.
    ''' IntPtr.
    Public Shared Function FindWindowByClass(
    ByVal lpClassName As String,
    ByVal zero As IntPtr
    ) As IntPtr
    End Function
    End Class
    #End Region
    #Region " ReadOnly Strings "
    ''' Indicates the directory where the Explorer process is located.
    Private ReadOnly ExplorerDirectory As String =
    ''' Indicates the filename of the process.
    Private ReadOnly ExplorerFilename As String = "Explorer.exe"
    ''' Indicates the desk Taskbar Class-name.
    Private ReadOnly TaskBarClassName As String = "Shell_TrayWnd"
    #End Region
    #Region " Process "
    ''' The explorer process.
    Dim Explorer As New Process With
    .StartInfo = New ProcessStartInfo With
    .FileName = Path.Combine(ExplorerDirectory, ExplorerFilename),
    .WorkingDirectory = My.Application.Info.DirectoryPath,
    .UseShellExecute = True,
    .CreateNoWindow = True
    #End Region
    #Region " Main "
    ''' Defines the entry point of the application.
    Sub Main()
    Select Case Convert.ToBoolean(CInt(FindWindowByClass(TaskBarClassName, Nothing)))
    Case False ' The Taskbar is not found.
    Console.WriteLine("Windows Explorer has been re-initialized successfully")
    Catch ex As Exception
    End Try
    Case True ' The Taskbar is found.
    Console.WriteLine("Can't proceed, Windows Explorer is currently running. Exiting...")
    End Select
    End Sub
    #End Region
    End Module
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    alfreire reacted to ricktendo in [Repak] Adobe Shockwave Player   
    Thanks, updated
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    alfreire reacted to abbodi1406 in Which Updates should (or not) I use for a clean Win7 sp1?   
    General - Security - Hotfix.. are the main updates that are safe to use for all systems

    regarding the difference between Additional & Extra Categories, the reason for having those two categories is for better organizing and to ease the download process for the average user

    Additional Updates Category aims to include the "Special" updates that are common or most useful
    this includes:

    Updates for Specific Features that does not exists in All Windows Editions:

    Updates or Packages that adds more features or have special functionality:

    Extra Updates Category will contain the rest of additional updates
    this includes:

    Packages that adds more features or have special functionality but not needed for most users:

    Updates or Packages that has newer releases:

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    alfreire reacted to mooms in Which Updates should (or not) I use for a clean Win7 sp1?   
    Alternatively you can use this.
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