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  1. It has a hidden set of features: Make coffee Open coffee cup holder (eject cd tray) Play elevator music while mixing disk
  2. Doesn't matter what your reason is it's illegal and against our rules. You don't like it then you don't have to be here. Also with those custom images we (or you for that matter) have no clue how they were built or what was added and removed. So it's completely useless asking for help with them.
  3. This has been answer here http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/12173-how-to-add-windows-updatesmsu-files-into-running-system-using-dism/#entry106773 They cannot be batch installed they have to be decompressed first
  4. You need admin privileges on the command first. DISM commands cannot be run in a standard command prompt. A quick (And REALLY easy to do) google search answered this issue: http://blogs.technet.com/b/askcore/archive/2011/02/15/how-to-use-dism-to-install-a-hotfix-from-within-windows.aspx Basically you cannot use msu files this way you need to unpack them and get the cabs...
  5. That is most like due to the differences in the video capabilities between the vm and real machine.
  6. .esd files are not customizable. You are not going to be able to use that image... Also the win8 iso you downloaded was illegal and is warez. any further questions on the subject will result in a ban. To all others Microsoft does not make a all-in-one of anything. Especially not a 20-in-one!!! (also this is his second warning, he has been promised a ban for any future violations)
  7. Also it doesn't make your source smaller but it does make the os smaller and faster once installed.
  8. if you read here it only changes a reg entry anyway: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2603229 you can do this yourself by hand with a regfile.
  9. yes it is a hotfix that only works on a running system, during install of the hotfix and cannot be applied preinstallation....,.,
  10. I bought the $2.99 "Ad-free" version of bejeweled on my phone and was still seeing occasional ads. After a handful of emails this is the last response I received from them: Hello from PopCap, Does anyone have any idea who I can go to about this? It is not ad free as was advertised. God knows how many thousands of $3 they have collected on this false promise.
  11. Wintoolkit checks the source windows was installed from not the c drive add the driver folder to the source adding it in oem makes it so it doesn't exist when the toolkit runs. Setupcomplete runs after the toolkit runonce
  12. And thusly those kind of issues are why we don't slipstream sp1, it is super messy and leaves dual packages, invalid packages and extra files.
  13. I would love to be able to send you some money. I'm sorry I cannot.
  14. Actually I could send them out monday. PM the details.
  15. I gots lots 'o ddr2 I just couldn't afford shipping. (2gig sticks, like 6 of them)
  16. Quite right, sorry if I seemed rash. Thank you for understanding. Also HI!
  17. I hope by the phrase: You aren't meaning to release or distribute it. WinCert has a very strong anti warez policy and you will be banned for it.
  18. Right click, and choose open with. Microsoft does not naturally have the code to deal with mobile google apps. (Why would they?)
  19. Microsoft stopped support of gadgets, they are not in 8 + 8.1 and are not supported anymore....
  20. Lots of people add like ten drivers, enough for their systems. Your adding like 25,000 drivers though :X
  21. Plus rt7l stopped being developed three years ago. It's dead.
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