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  1. My main point is that addons that never receive a thank you tend to fall dead... A question asking for it to kindly be reupped would be MUCH more polite.
  2. Addon Release Date: July 30, 2011 Could that be because the addon has not been updated or mentioned in 2 years?????
  3. We cannot assist with warez! Do not ask again!
  4. Considering recent revelations about the Xbox one, FBI and NSA I think the only way to be safe is to back up to xp and not use the next gen systems. OH snail mail, and cell phones are out to if you want to be safe.
  5. We have to walk a VERY fine line. There have already been C.a.D. emails from both ms and google. This site relies on google for server costs and being in MS's eye is never good.
  6. That's like saying I'm a jewel thief so I can learn to make better jewelry.
  7. I don't give a crap if you use the disclaimer "Educational" that's a lame excuse for linking to warez...
  8. I see where your coming from and I see its possible usefulness but it would only really be usable in a business\corp setting and since wpi is not free for business uses and I have only sold 5 license in 7 years I really am not too keen on adding this feature.
  9. I highly disagree with #5: The way wintoolkit "Removes" components is actually VERY different from vLite's method. Wintoolkit prevents them from being installed to the machine thus eliminating them from the final installation. vLite rips the files completely out and they don't exist at all anymore even on disk...
  10. You do realize that most 64 programs still rely on the 32bit subsystem? I.E. Java, most browsers, most av's This same issue came up when nlite started being able to remove the 16bit subsystem.... There are at best a dozen or so truly 64bit only programs (Ones that have NO 32bit files or dependencies.)
  11. He is asking for help with a warez version as his base. He has been warned any further discussion of this will result in him being banned...
  12. Thread closed he was asking for assistance with warez.
  13. Sure.. ... It is absolutely safe to remove... .. considering that you will never add any new software to your system that somehow, someway might need one of those in the future...
  14. crashfly = This guy is simply an e-thug and is trying to make a martyr of himself.
  15. Ummm did you actually READ what is said? The toolkit looks FOR ANYTHING that has a drive letter and a "Apps" folder at its root. Pendrive, CD, DVD, Blueray, Floppy, Harddrive, external drive. ANYTHING THAT HAS A DRIVE LETTER!..... I.E. You use a DVD for your win install and have a usb thumdrive with the "Apps" folder on it the toolkit will find the usb drive and run the apps. Any more talk like what has been quoted here from you and I will simply ban you. You better check your attitude... Seriously take some midol or have your testosterone levels checked sheesh.... lego will not support or assist you too much (None of us will) if you continue mangling your image with other tools (it is simply too difficult to track all of the changes) Some kb can ONLY be added via switches and silent installation the only way to get around that is reverse integration. (Also a topic for another place.) You came here with a big attitude expecting lego to change things in his app because you have caused issues for yourself using other apps. WTF? Walk along son.... P.S. There is a way to remove the runonce entries BUT you have to mount the image an remotely access the registry and all of that. The exact method can be found via the forum search engine.
  16. You are quite mistaken as I have seen in other posts that the toolkit actually scans for drives that have a designated letter and then looks for the "Apps" that it is programmed to look for. Simply put he won't ad third party stuff because he becomes liable for their software and would have to trickle down what little donations he gets. Seriously? Remove the silent installer? Just rebuild the image... Quote from lego in another thread:
  17. We have NOT blanket banned the Philippines! However there was at one time a great influx of spam (Like hundreds a day) and your ip range may have been banned. The ONLY solution I can think of would be to have nim allow your ip but as yours may be dynamic that could be unfease-able.
  18. What was the username you tried to create and have your had a previous membership?
  19. The report system is NOT for replies! Do not abuse it! This is your only warning!
  20. http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/9345-speed-up-w7toolkit-on-high-spec-systems/page-3#entry94794 Lego already answered you.... (They are only for donators) You have to have supported the toolkit to have that feature enabled.
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