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  1. I noticed it was down a few days ago, good thing I had a chance to read all the good posts
  2. Hmm right ok. Well he had a lot of good info on stripping Windows, maybe now some users from his forum will come to WinCert
  3. This is awesome, I have wanted snipping tool for so long. THANKS Also I have tried the XP "Ultimate" use to integrate it into my install for my MicroPC, I have now abandoned that as I don't seem to use the tablets features enough.... if you asking if it works it does lol Now for Unattended install of Alky v1.1 with key ??
  4. nice addon. Surprising I just found this program a couple months ago.. it is so old, anyhow I really like it lol I will try this next install. Thanks
  5. Hello, Anyone know what went down with Bold's forum, all of a sudden it went offline and has not returned ?
  6. send me install.exe and I look
  7. V'ISO works fine on W2K3 just so you know
  8. Does anyone know which file this icon would be in, see pic below
  9. What is install.exe, it may not be able to extracted with universal extractor.
  10. I tried creating both FF 2 SSE2 opt builds and each time it created this Firefox_{ayakawa}_3.0.2pre_Silent.exe and I chose v2 each time and got 3.0 ?
  11. Just updated the res files above, forgot to take out the "XP Pirated" honest mistake guys.
  12. Hey everyone, I edited the following res files with the Aero Blue ( Did not change any AVI's ), amnesia linked to them in the last post HERE sti_ci.dll.res syncui.dll.res sysdm.cpl.res sysocmgr.exe.res syssetup.dll.res tapiui.dll.res tcpmonui.dll.res wab32res.dll.res webcheck.dll.res wiaacmgr.exe.res wuapi.dll.res wuaucpl.cpl.mui.res wuaucpl.cpl.res xpsp1res.dll.res xpsp2res.dll.res zipfldr.dll.res accwiz.exe.res appwiz.cpl.res certmgr.dll.res cmdial32.dll.res comres.dll.res credui.dll.res cryptui.dll.res cscui.dll.res devmgr.dll.res dmdlgs.dll.res dpvoice.dll.res fldrclnr.dll.res fsquirt.exe.res fxscfgwz.dll.res gcdef.dll.res gpedit.dll.res hdwwiz.cpl.res hnetwiz.dll.res keymgr.dll.res mdminst.dll.res mmsys.cpl.res msgina.dll.res msoeres.dll.res mstask.dll.res netid.dll.res netplwiz.dll.res netshell.dll.res newdev.dll.res ntbackup.exe.res odbcint.dll.res photowiz.dll.res printui.dll.res rasdlg.dll.res shdocvw.dll.res shell32.dll.res shrpubw.exe.res sigverif.exe.res srrstr.dll.res Aero Blue res Files 13.5mb
  13. the aero blue stuff looks nice. those avi's are funky, which ones are for transferring files lol Question I have been away for a bit and now I see this thread is getting rather messy. Currently try to figure out what is happening so it looks like amnesia has put out his "custom" V'ISO and bober is working on a V'ISO live.. is this correct ?
  14. Gosh I couldn't imagine lol
  15. hmm looks alright, maybe I give it a shot. For some reason I always go back to luna royale, compact menu and large fonts Thanks mona EDIT: Just tried the theme out, looks decent thanks
  16. I feel you mate! I wish I had another sata connector so i could make my backup HD a raid 1 6 connectors full
  17. I have had two random crashes, I am using the SSE2 Firefox 2 one.. Has anyone else experienced any random crashes ?
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