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  1. Just like the topic says. I am trying to load WPI via your little $OEM$ package and I do succesfully in Windows XP but in W2K3 I have no luck.
  2. Sull


    That is so funny my gosh.
  3. Thats exactly what I am looking for. Thanks mate
  4. How can I create a .res file from an executable, I see in resource hacker you have the option to save as .res file but that will only get the image selected, I would like to get every image. How would one go about doing this ?
  5. One might start calling us XP fanboys LOL The size and requirements just get bigger and bigger, can't really say much until the final release but I hope Windows 7 is a fair but snappier than Vista Or maybe it will just bomb, Microsoft will be forced to put out a 4th service pack and folks will be porting from Windows 7 to XP :cool04:
  6. Just wanted to stop by and say thanks SP3 addon working good here
  7. Yes I would say I am very pleased, a friend showed me amsn a while ago and I have been using ever since. It has everything I need - Skinable - Some neat plugins - Lots of options I was happy enough I made an installer of the latest SVN version with my favorite skin as default and favorite plugins enabled, it's not for everyone.. give it a shot and see if you like.
  8. Well I know I tried to use .NET AIO a long time ago and I had issues, thing is I cant remember what they were, now kel convinced me to use AIO again. I do not know if my problems are releated to .NET AIO anything in taskbar that loads at startup will load extremely slow.
  9. DO you mean after everything is installed it takes a long time for all the process's in the taskbar to load ? for example, you virus scan, firewall etc ?
  10. :google_lt: Bastards lol Did you get some sort of PM asking permission for these to be posted else ware ?
  11. YAY, ditch Live Messenger folks. This is a INNO installer so if you would like to install silently the /silent and /verysilent switches work perfect.
  12. WOW sucky. No wonder one might want to download else ware lol
  13. Hmm mine is 316mb, where is this larger one from ? Now that my MicroPC SP3 is done, time for the ultimate desktop SP3 CD
  14. Turning on computer right after spreading thermal paste is fine, it will still dry over few days. WATCH THE TEMPS DROP lol
  15. Hey kel the VMWARE tools v6 link is dead
  16. Thanks for the reply rick, that was not my problem but it helped me fine my problem lol dope... :oops: IE7 was suppose to be installed but was not and considering I pretty much remove all shortcuts and never use it, I did not notice anyways that was the problem soon as I installed it everything was normal. I forget if I asked you this before, to keep my settings after a reinstall for the sidebar all I have to do is copy this folder and move it back after install %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar
  17. Yeah rick I have had issues with it using more and more mem, that is beside the point right now. After some upgrades to my system, I reinstalled my OS with the same CD as last time but for some reason I am having major issues with some gadgets. - Imps CPU meter just shows a white box - Gmail gadget shows a box when I try to login, the box is empty and when I click ok it go's white and stays or I can press cancel, then it go's way but does not log me in. - Network meter from hobby lounge is showing little white glitches Did I forget to install something this time, I have reinstalled the sidebar and such but still no luck, I really really need this Gmail gadget makes life so much easier. If you know anything I might be missing let me know, I installed sidebar on my W2K3 setup as last time, right click INF.
  18. @runningfool Now thats the spirit mate. Taught those hackers. I have the perfect nLited installation for my MicroPC, I still need to make a better installation for my desk, lots more work involved. keep at it..
  19. I would say 6 months is good for thermal paste and for me I change my liquid in my cooling system, I actually just redid my system this weekend. Did some upgrades, new thermal paste on CPU GPU and Northbridge, SB should be fine. My system gets very dusty, I would say it needs cleaning out more than every 6 months. Never heard the eraser trick either, wonder if it is really necessary ?
  20. When I open WPI in VMWARE I am getting An error has occurred in the script on this page line:94 Char:2 Error: Invalid syntax Code:0 URL WPI/WPI.hta I can you the the script maybe you know.
  21. @rubab You can delete the CMPNENTS folder, I am not sure about SP2 cab
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