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  1. OK, I have been playing around with Style Builder and have been able to create Themes. How will I add wallpaper to the Theme so when the theme is picked it will load wallpaper with it and not just a black screen? Thanks.
  2. I have the ultimate version. It is so much different from Windows. I don't know much about it. I got it to learn the system but have been learning to much with windows. I have always wodered how to delete that dual boot after reformatting. Hope there is a way

    Hi There

    Hello, I hope you enjoy WinCert.
  4. I have downloaded 2 of them and they will not install. After double clicking nothing happens. I have the sidebar installed and everything else works fine. I downloaded a different gadget and that didn't install so it has to be on my end. Any suggestions? It works fine on my Vista
  5. Nice, when will it be released?
  6. You seem to be having trouble connecting to an IRC server. The message appeared was: Unable to connect to server.
  7. I keep getting a error message and the it continues to connect. Any ideals?
  8. I have been using O&O but I too have had problems with Disk Error's. Still looking. I do use Windows from time to time. I have tried Ashampoo's Magical Defrag but, it's hard using something that works in the backgrund wh the comput is not in use.
  9. I keep getting disconnected. I have never set one of these up before. I downloaded the HIRC. Any suggestions?
  10. You can still utilize your sidebar, just right clck any where on it t add gadgets etc. but try to close the gadget addrestart,that should fix the issue.
  11. Do you think this is better than Utorrent? If so why?
  12. OK. I forgot all about this. Here was something I did. http://i212.photobucket.com/albums/cc247/L...mProperties.jpg" target="_blank">
  13. Here is a link to change other things with ResHack. http://www.askvg.com/category/resource-hacker/
  14. Thanks, I was wanting to learn how to do this.
  15. You said it BOLD. Welcome to WinCert.
  16. I have to go with Wacky Chammomile. That is a bad as wallpaper. I didn't know you guys did this, I am going to have to do somethings different now, after I learn more. LOL
  17. That was some beast, 20Mhz with 4mb of ram and a 60mb.
  18. LMAO, that was great. I used to be an artist, tattooist but never seen anything like that.
  19. Tech TV. What station has that. I have Direct TV and have not come across any tech/PC stations.
  20. I have been using NERO 8 for about a month and a half now. It has a nice interface but it takes to long to launch. I have been thinking about going back to 7 but not sure yet, I have a bad habit of using the newest. LOL. Though I did give up on VISTA
  21. I was tired of having jobs and wanted a career. I am a jack of all trades. I was a mechanic, house framer, mason, remodeled homes/apt., did HVAC, plumbing, electrical etc. I went to school for electronics and computers to have a career in something that will always be around and not seasonal, something also that I could always excel at that wouldn't be a dead end.
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