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  1. Thanks Jatin, I ill try that program at a later date, I really need to get alot of XP stuff done.
  2. I installed twice and it was a no go. Just got a "Stopped Working" error.
  3. Updated. Let me know if you have any issues.
  4. OK, I started on it today, this one is going to be tedious. I will post when it is finished, if I can get it to work.
  5. I knew what you were talking about, by the way nice job, your duct looks really clean. I am wanting to add to side fans, I may pull the ones from my old case and cut the LED's off since they are blue to see if it will keep my mobo temps down. I would like to run as a quad @ 3.7+ but the mobo gets to hot (52+C) I think I need 1.6+V to hit 4 as a dual, was gone most of the day yesterday so no time to play. I have to work on my moms car (brakes, tie rods, temp sensors etc) after that I need to get update a addon, which I need to finish my VM so I can get started. (LOL)
  6. I have to work on my moms car tomorrow, so when I am finished with that I will try and get my XP VM setup so I can work on this addon. I am not sure how this install etc. but I will try to make this addon. The older version of this I made just like all of the other addons so for shinning a light on anything, that's all I can say unfortunately.
  7. The guys at patriot have an interesting demo up and running. They managed to build the worlds fastest PC, using five LSI controllers to connect forty SSDs to them. The system manages a sustained 155,000 IOPS/s This may not give you and idea about the actual speed, but we were given a great example. Ripping a Blu-Ray takes 2-3 hours on a good PC. It takes a mere 0.9 seconds on this one. Yes, less than "one Mississippi". For all of you wanting to build a system like this, be prepared to spend around 60,000 US Dollars on it. MORE HERE
  8. It's louder than my NZXT Appallo which doesn't bother me, I know in summer this thing will cool me off. LOL. While at MicroCenter 3 people that work there a 2 customers said the HAF was better than the 902 and the 690 II so I got talked in to it. Behind the tray is wide for cable management which I still had trouble putting the panel back on, One day I will redo it, it drew blood so I wanted to hurry up. LOL Unfortunately I can not rotate the heatsink. It has to point up or down. My temps are fine for the CPU @ 38C (37 Cores) and mobo @ 40. The only time I have a heat issue is with my mobo and that is when running as a quad it will get to 50+ while the CPU is at 44. I think I may have hit the wall on my OC, but I will play with my RAM first to see if that helps. I am new to all the OC'ing.
  9. The case is HUUUDGE as you can see good for cleaning up wires. I actually had to cut down some wood on my desk because it was to wide. It has dropped my temps alot. I was going to get a 902 or a 690 II but this was recommend by a few people.
  10. Ok, as most of you know I have been building for awhile now. I am going to stop buy for now "hopefully". LOL SPECS: 17 inch AOC COOLER MASTER HAF 922 CORSAIR CMPSU-750TX 750W ATX12V ASUS M4A785-M AMD Phenom II X2 550 Black Edition Callisto 3.1GHz @ 3.9 as dual (trying to get to 4) OCZ Vendetta Patriot Viper II 4GB (2 x 2GB) 1066 XFX HD-477A-YDFC Radeon HD 4770 512MB 128-bit GDDR5 1x160G WD 1x160G Segate 1x1TB WD Black 1x1TB WD Green All Cards Bay Driver Reader 1x24x LG LightScribe WEI: Processor: 6.9 Memory: 7.5 Graphics: 7.2 Gaming Graphics: 7.2 Primary Hard Disk: 5.7 PICS: After I get to 4GHz I will work on it as a quad to see how high I can push it.
  11. OK, after days of BSOD's I have finally decided to stay with it as a dual core. I am at 3.8 and stable using 1.475v.
  12. Best Buy charges way to much, 20+% more than NewEgg and MicroCenter.
  13. I decided to upgrade to a 550 BE, and yes I plan to unlock the cores. LOL. Anyway I got it from MicroCenter for 87 NewEgg was selling it for 95. Now for the main reason why I started this post. While I was there I found out they have a great deal there right now. I got a GIGABYTE GA-M61PME-S2P for 17.99 with a 10 MIR. It maybe a older mobo but this one also supports AM3. So I will but my 250 in it. This PC will go to my mother since she needs one. So if you in need of a good deal MicroCenter has $20 off any AMD mobo's with purchase of select AMD CPU's.

    New Rig

    You should be good on the power N1K. I have a 500W and I have 4 internal HDD's, a HD4770 and 5 fans.

    New Rig

    I got the info from I guess he is wrong.

    New Rig

    18 watts at idle and 108 at full load.

    New Rig

    From what I can see they run around the same temps so I think it is preference, I like the closed one personally. I like nVida myself, but ATI is moving up like AMD. But AMD only owns the dual core market right now.

    New Rig

    From what I see the 9800GTX and the GTS 250 are equal. The 9800 is a little cheaper. But the HD 4870 is better than the GTS 260 and the 5770 is equal with the GTS 260. The 4870 is a little faster than the 5770 but doesn't supprt DirectX 11 I like the Mobo and CPU. I don't need to say anything about the RAM, it speaks for it's self. LiteOn is doing pretty good right now.
  19. You sure it was a arm and not a leg. LOL
  20. This explains it pretty good. I couldn't find a video that shows it. Maybe I can borrow a camera from a friend and take some pics.
  21. Yes, it will overheat, you must use a thermal paste. If there is no thermal paste the heatsink will not pull all of the heat from the CPU.
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