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  1. @Legolash2o

    L0L... As a practice I always look under the hood to see whats in there. I remember a time when I a cut and paste a script I found on the net without giving much thought to what commands it may contain, thinking tthat it it was from a trusted source I ran the script without skipping a beat.Instead of helping me fix the problem it screwed my webserver and I lost all my data. Never again shall I be so careless.

  2. Support Windows Toolkit -- The best darn DISM / ImageX Tool to surface on the net.

    @Komm @McRip

    EDIT :: I've noticed that servers that power the Win Toolkit update catalog has been going offline more than usual these last few weeks. For what reason, I can only begin to guess. However, I suspect that the servers may be down because of a spike in traffic from Win Toolkit users or perhaps not.

    High traffic websites such as those maintained by McRip and Komm typically have SLA's that dont provide enough of a bandwidth allowance for the ammount of traffic these servers generate. SLA's that provide the necessary bandwidth for high traffic sites tend to cost more money. It can get quite expensive for non-profit projects such as Win Toolkit and the Update Catalog. Bandwdth costs have been going up for the last 5 years (Smartphones, Hi-Speed Internet, etc...) ISP's are always in reaching in our pockets for more....

    I would like to extend an offer of 5gb of webspace and generous allowance of bandwidth for couple of month, If my suspicions are incorrect and the servers are simply down for Maintenance, all the better.

    Anyhow, thats it. Keep up the great work and best regards.

  3. I made Komm an offer to host his website for free for a month or two while he gets things sorted out with his current ISP, but I have yet to receive a response.

    Komm, if your reading this, the offer still stands. Send me a PM if your interested and I'll setup an FTP account. Were talking about a server over at Hostgator or Rackspace. My current SLA reads unlimited bandwidth allowance. Of course I'll have to double check with my sales rep first to be sure. But let me know if your interested.

  4. The 'Enable CMD' option turns on the 'Command Tab' found in the AddOn Maker tool of Win Toolkit 1.4 and 1.5.

    These are commands which are opened during integration. An example would be...

    "DISM.exe /Image:%WIM% /Disable-feature /FeatureName:WindowsMediaPlayer /Featurename:MediaCenter"

    %WIM% - This will be translated into the default mount folder during integration (C:\WinToolkit_Temp\Mount\) as some people change their Win Toolkit Temp folder so its best to use the enviroment variable %WIM%.
  5. @Compstuff,

    Funny you should mention AlternateStreamView. When I became aware of my the problem, I didn't feel like having to right click on each each driver file to unblock it manualy, with over 100+ files, that would have been insane and time consuming. So I went looking for a tool that would help me get the job done in bulk. Low and behold, nirsoft had just the thing in their massive asernal of useful tools.

    I have since added AlternateStreamView to my nirsoft suite of tools. :D And I dont have to lower security, another plus.

  6. My list of drivers are not being integrated. Nor do they appear in the mounted wim ..\windows\inf. The only drivers that do get integrted are the the last 3 on the list. I've attached pre and post integration sreenshots for review and consideration. I'm going to try with DISM next. In the meantime any insight would be much appreciated.

    EDIT :: Okay, I figured out what was happening here. It turns out that Windows 7 flaged all the drivers I donwloaded from the net with a Data Stream that blocks admin access to the file. Windows does this automatically to prevent malicious software from unkknown sources from infecting the host computer.

    As a result DISM was not integrating any of the files I download because they had been flaged with a Data Stream. More about this behaviour and how to disable it using Group Policy can be found here.

    Drivers to be integrated


  7. win toolkit 1.4.77 is best for windows 7 but not for windows 8 in many area .. component remover almost fail with windows 8 only tweaks working and other area to ... i hope in up coming version 1.5 improve ... and last when 1.5 beta version coming ...

    Win Toolkit was released with a focus on Windows 7 SP1 and not so much for Windows 8, so the errors your experiencing in component removal are to be expected. From what I understand from the developer, has gone [stable] and their will be no furhter releases of the 1.4 branch. (Lego, correct me if i'm wrong).

    I'm sure that WT 1.5 will blossome into a solid tool just as 1.4 has. Looking forward to it's release. Keep up the good work lego! :prop:

  8. @foobuzz

    WinToolkit uses DISM and ImageX for pretty much all of it's functions. I know the DISM command line tool can be picky and cumbersome at times, but I've grown used to it over time. I use the DISM commad line tool along side with Win Toolkit often. With respect to to the :: exit code :: error, If my memory serves me right, this error has something to do with permissions and user rights. One should run DISM in an Elevated Command Prompt.

    As far as IE10 integration, it's diffucult to say for sure, but users should be able to integrate IE10 over IE9 or IE8. The same principles should hold true in either case, but thats just a theory for now.

  9. @foobuz

    I can confirm that it is safe to remove IE8 packages, providing you Integrate the IE9 packages to replace the removed IE8 packages. Windows 7 SP1 contains two packages for IE8. Jest take a look a George King's post #4 for the package names.

    Also in my experience, You can leave the IE8 packages as they are and Integrate IE9 + updates packs with WT AiO integrator (DISM Tool) and the IE8 pacakges will be taken care of during integration. I prefer to remove the IE8 packages with DISM and then Integrate IE9.

  10. I'm trying to install Windows 7 SP1 x64 from USB. Windows boots from my USB stick. I select a language for the UI. Click on install. I select the unallocated space on the targer hard drive and setup fails

    Setup is unable to create a system partions....

    Heres the stange thing. When I try to install the image from DVD everything works like charm. The partions is created and windows installs 100%. Any insight would be much appreciated.

    It doesnt matter if the drive is unallocated, formated, or marked active. I've tried every which way under the sun. I've tried changing the order of boot devices, still no change. I've changed the drive mode in the BIOS from ACHI to IDE, still no change. I dont think windows 7 requires any boot critical drivers because setup sees and offers the drive as a prospect for installation, it just wont create the partition when I try to install from USB.

    Heres the stange thing. When I try to install the image from DVD everything works like charm. The partions is created and windows installs 100%. Any insight would be much appreciated.

  11. You can get the toolkit to launch a .inf file...

    Under silent installers, instead of adding a .exe file, add a .inf file....

    Sweet. Thanks Reaper. Now, thats innovation. :D

  12. This is option is for deleting all Silent Installers from your image. For example, if you have this option selected and start a session all your slient installers will be removed from the image upon completion of that one session . The option to delete silent installers will be automatically deselected (disabled) at the end of your session.

    The option is not selected by default. To return the AiO Integrator options to their default value, click the button to the left of the options window. Cheers!

  13. @Legolash2o

    I created this thread because my search queries were not producing any relevant results, however as you can see in Post #8 their is an existing thread for addon issues. You may want to move this thread to the Addon Issues topic posted here. Best regards.

    EDIT :: Eureka! I've figgured out how the 'Program Files' variable workes when using the Addon Maker tool. If the addon is flaged x86 then and is integrated in an x64 system then using the %PROGRAMFILES% variable will copy files and folders to Program Files (x86). On a x86 (32-bit) system the same variable will copy files and folders to %PROGRAMFILES%. Seems a little strange but that how it behaves. Hope this helps those that are experiencing issues with this variable. Peace out.

  14. It seems the variables are not allowed in the file Tasks.txt. Don't use it inside.

    Thanks for your insight, much appreciated. To be clear, I'm not adding the environment variable manually, the resulting Tasks.txt is being created by the actual addon maker tool. The %ProgramFiles(x86)% variable is selectable from within the tool itself.

    en francais :: Pour être clair, je n'ai pas ajouter la variable d'environnement manuellement, le Tasks.txt résultante est créé par l'outil "addon creator" réelle. Le %ProgramFiles (x86)% variable peut être sélectionnée à partir de l'outil lui-même.

  15. Well. really it's no big deal, It's only a small matter of editing the tasks.txt file manually. Taking me an extra 30 seconds. I just wanted to bring it to Lego's attention. Maybe it's residual from a deprecated feature?

    Also I've only just started to use the addon maker for simple tasks and I'm not all that familiar with all it's potential. So I may end-up just figuring out this odd behavior as I use it more more.

  16. For what it's worth, since that environment variable is only valid on a 64bit system, it seems that it is acting as is it doesn't realize that it is on a 64bit system, assuming that it is in fact on a 64bit system.

    Hence the title of this post.

    But then if you are on a 64bit system, why are you trying to put in in the x86 Program files folder

    Because that's where 32-bit apps go on 64-bit Windows 7 System.

    is the app only a 32 bit app?

    The app is 32-bit. None-the-less. When creating an AddOn The AddOn maker doesn't differentiate between system architectures. In Win Toolkit a user could create a 64-bit addon on a 32-bit system. The only time I would think this behavior would occur is if a 64-bit AddOn is integrated in a 32-bit system. Unless I'm not understanding something on how the AddOn Maker tool works.

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