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  1. I'm begining to think they rushed this one out oof the box way to early. Every site I go too has about 50% of those who installed using words like froze, locked up and crashed. Not good. I'll take my and love it until you guys show them where the bugs are.
  2. For a free one I don't think your can go wrong with Comodo Pro, I scraped a paid version of ZA for it and never looked back
  3. I'll have to check this further
  4. sounds like we may be in the same boat. I have a WD 250 have spinup problems, just ordered a new Seagate 250GB IDE drive. Hope mine goes smooth.
  5. I have both Sandiebox and a program call BufferZone Pro. I use sandie when checking new downloads until I can get a scan on them. had Buffer installed for a while, but for some reason it turned itself on and I uninstalled. May play with it in the sandiebox for a bit longer
  6. 61. Kansas,USA. Manufacturing Production Controller And from what I've seen maybe the elder around here
  7. I'm from the "Salt City" in the 34th state, 1 hour north west of the "Air Capital"
  8. From my military days with the US Navy. In high scholl I was always called "Tumbleweed", but when I became an aircrew member there was already a fellow using the handle, so chnged to "Sagebrush". Now shorten to Sage
  9. When the company plopped one on my desk and told me to use it and loose my scratch papers. First decent OS the installed that I understood some of was 95
  10. Spent 31 years as a maintenance supervisor in the machine tool industry with the same corporation. Now moved into production control office of same company. Minor IT help with the years I've played with their systems
  11. At the time am having fait success with this one auslogics
  12. I can wait forever as I don't think I'll ever return to FireFox of any version. Right now Opera has my undivided attention
  13. XP Pro forever, but then I said the same thing about 95,98 and 98 2nd
  14. Sage

    New blood

    As a member of the Graphix n Stuff forum ran across your link in a post from Jan on the update N1K installed for us. Nice work and thanks. I'm just an XP Pro dabbler and enjoy looking around so far Thanks
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