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    Ali Sahandi reacted to Thiersee in WinToolkit version /   
    Hi volks,
    the german user unantastbar on win-unattended.de continues the development of WinToolkit version and has released the first new version, after Liam changed the program-code to open.
    In this version there are some changes for Windows 10, but some for Windows 7 too (have look at pictures)
    to move some KBs (not integrable off-line) to "Silent Installers" 

    and KB4490628 to "Prerequisites"

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    Ali Sahandi got a reaction from Abbas Dvd in silent install   
    Please silent installation command in cmd file with the extension wa Example :  unlocker.wa      
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    Ali Sahandi reacted to Thiersee in bad download   
    From that link I get the downloaded too, but in the 7z-archive is the from march 2017!
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    Ali Sahandi reacted to rhahgleuhargh in bad download   
    Hi mooms,
    Test build DL links have been removed, so it will point to official download page with version.
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    Ali Sahandi reacted to ianymaty in silent install   
    As far as I know .wa files are directly integrated with WinToolkit.
    .wa files are addons not installers so they are already silently added into the instalation.
    Are you using them correctly as addons in WinToolkit?
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    Ali Sahandi reacted to Aurumvorax in No Output?   
    Hi there,
    I may miss something, but WTK doesn't seem to create any output for my actions. I've integrated a bunch of updates in my image and removed some components, afterwards I hit "start" and waited for the process to be completed. The whole task took approximately half an hour, however there was no output folder anywhere. Neither in the section selected by the default nor in the folder I created specifically for this purpose.
    As a result I have no means of creating a proper image. I'm stuck to the unchanged Microsoft image.

    Is there something I may overlook?
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    Ali Sahandi reacted to latino in Win Toolkit No sopport Windows 10   
    I have been using the program WINTOOLKIT Windows 10 but unfortunately does not work. When the system with WTK is modified, the system installed on a PC or on a virtual machine and the browser works only in CMD. For some reason it does not work with Windows 10 by modifying it with WTK the "tweaks" section
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    Ali Sahandi reacted to jvidal in Wintoolkit and KB3125574   
    Thanks for the reply, mooms!!!
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    Ali Sahandi reacted to bphlpt in updat win toolkit   
    Lego made a brief appearance about a week ago.  Best we understand, he plans to be more available in about a month.  That's all I know.
    Cheers and Regards
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    Ali Sahandi reacted to bphlpt in updat win toolkit   
    Good question.  We have to wait for Lego. We can only hope that he is just busy with school.
    Cheers and Regards
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    Ali Sahandi reacted to rhahgleuhargh in WinToolkit v2.x Development   
    Hello Legolash2o,
    Thanks for new version, but it doesn't work with Windows 10, the program crahes immediatelly after the first window. Here is the error log file.
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    Ali Sahandi reacted to Thiersee in WinToolkit v2.x Development   
    Hi Liam,
    attached error comes on starting new version; after hitting OK seems to start.

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    Ali Sahandi reacted to kanyos in [Repack] VirtualBox 5.1.18 + ExtensionPacks   
    Source: VirtualBox-5.1.18-114002-Win.exe
    Released: 2017-03-15
    About: VirtualBox allows users to run nearly any operating system on a single machine and to freely switch between OS instances running simultaneously.
    Homepage: VirtualBox
    Tools used:
    - [Modded] InstEd (LZX21) by ricktendo for remove unwanted files/prog inside installer
    - gBurner 3.5 for remove unwanted drivers inside VBoxGuestAdditions.iso
    - dotNET45sfxMaker by ricktendo for making this installer with 7zSD_LZMA2.sfx
    - [Repack] Resource Hacker 4.2.5 by Vandit for replace setup icon and renaming installer properties
    - VBox Web Service
    - VBox Python support
    - UserManual.pdf
    - Translation files, except En, Fr, Ru
    - Drivers inside VBoxGuestAdditions.iso & ExtensionPacks, except Windows & Linux drivers
    integrated vbox-sha1.cer & VBoxCertUtil.exe with command -v add-trusted-publisher vbox-sha1.cer to get full silent install mode without popups when vbox installing network driver & USB driver [thanks to alfeire].
    integrated Extension Pack
    Silent Install command: /ai /gm2
    File: VirtualBox-5.1.18-114002-Win-Setup.exe
    Size: 70,3 MB
    MD5: F0BEE738E4E37BC55E1B638EF9A84794
    Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/mtfert94mx7yjbd/VirtualBox-5.1.18-114002-Win-Setup.exe
    Btw, Thanks to ricktendo for great tools :thumbsup:
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    Ali Sahandi reacted to ccnfly in [Tool] DX WinNT6.x True Integrator for Vista/7/8/8.1/10 32/64bit Improved compatibility with Windows 10
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    Ali Sahandi reacted to ghalkett in WinToolkit v2.x Development   
    The July build (2.0.5651.42757) has expired?  Is there a latest version?
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    Ali Sahandi reacted to *Reaper* in DVD Decrypter   
    DVD Decrypter

    DVD Decrypter is a software application that can create backup disc images of the DVD-Video structure of DVDs.
    It can be used to image any DVD, but controversially it is especially useful for decrypting copy-protected
    movies. The program can also burn images to disc. CSS decrypting software (such as DVD Decrypter and AnyDVD)
    allows a region-specific DVD to be copied as an all-region DVD. It also removes Macrovision,
    Content Scrambling System (CSS), region codes, and user operation prohibition.
    Addon Release Date: July 30, 2011
    Shortcuts created in: DVD Decrypter Folder
    Uninstallable: Yes
    Credit: *Reaper*

    812 kb
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    Ali Sahandi reacted to Legolash2o in Download: Latest Build + Changelog   
    The latest version can be downloaded from here: http://testing.wintoolkit.co.uk
    The tool itself is not finished yet.
    Tools worked on so far and their completion:
    Main Menu: 100% EXE to MSP Converter: 100% Language Pack Converter: 100% MSU to CAB Converter: 100% USB Boot Preparation: 98% ISO Maker: 98% WIM Manager: 30%
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    Ali Sahandi reacted to pigstick in WinToolkit v2.x Development   
    YEEEEY ! Back on the track !  
    Any news about Windows 10 compatibility ?
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    Ali Sahandi reacted to ccnfly in [Tool] DX WinNT6.x True Integrator for Vista/7/8/8.1/10 32/64bit   
    No update?
    No folder choose?
    No xx.mum choose?
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    Ali Sahandi reacted to alfreire in [Repack] VirtualBox v5.1.4-r110228 x86/x64 [Multilanguage]... ;-)   
    VirtualBox v5.1.4-r110228 x86/x64 [Multilanguage]... ;-)
    I extract *.msi installers from original *.exe Installer, Extension Packs, and Certificate to make x86/x64 installer... I hope it is useful...
    -Installer language: MULTILANGUAGE ...
    -VirtualBox: MULTILANGUAGE...
    -To silent install use /silent or /verysilent
    https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Changelog Regards... ;-)



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    Ali Sahandi reacted to Enki40 in Windows Movie Maker for Windows 7/8 (x86-x64) - v6.0.6002.18005   
    Could you update the links? They're dead.
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    Ali Sahandi reacted to niTe_RiDeR_Pr0 in Complete Download List - Updated March 3, 2015   
    Hi @Reaper, please add these addons created by me, to the list, too.:
    Internet Download Manager (IDM) - v6.21 Build 14 [AddOn] ~ niTe_RiDeR_Pro
    Foxit Reader - v7.0.3.916 [AddOn] ~ niTe_RiDeR_Pro
    Skype - v6.21.99.104 [AddOn] ~ niTe_RiDeR_Pro
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    Ali Sahandi reacted to Legolash2o in WIM <> ESD Conversion   
    I'm actually working on the WIM Manager now, and the convert option will be in that so won't be as long as you think.
    After the WIM Manager, I have to focus a bit on the GUI as I have a presentation but it will also give you guys the ability to give feedback on the tools sooner. Hope that makes sense.
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    Ali Sahandi reacted to ptd163 in WIM <> ESD Conversion   
    Yeah it would be awesome for WTK 1.5.x, but I think Lego said that because his future depends on 2.x, 1.5.x will be bug fixes only.
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    Ali Sahandi reacted to niTe_RiDeR_Pr0 in WIM <> ESD Conversion   
    Yeah, I too like bphlpt's idea. 
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