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  1. Topic moved to proper section.
  2. efrain it's not a problem you just have ticked Show hidden devices..that is all
  3. You're welcome. Well it says Complete version so there are plugins included as well from this release
  4. You'll have to extract DaRk MaDnEsS WLMessenger9.exe first and then manually copy patched files in that root navigating to PFiles\Windows Live\Messenger After that you'll have to make new WLMessenger9.exe again so you could make SVCPACK Addon again.
  5. Gorki

    Far Cry 2

    I manage to find some time and try FC2 by myself. It was pretty nice in the beginning,no lead flying around. After that part you must become John Rambo or sneak and avoid every enemy post. Hell no! :icon_cool: So one day I decide to go hunting and run over zebra by my car. So I was fine with my food supplies for several days. :sweatingbullets: LoL Game is optimized nicely,but it seams like enemy inteligent is not so high (at normal level),it would probably disrupt game purpose and fun of it was otherwise. Weapons and skills can be upgraded as well which is cool thing.
  6. stolen from stolen by * key-7 @2.79 MB 98c2786a2ce24465cf7808799f93507f Note: Theme contains high resolution (1600x1200) wallpaper,downloaded from here.
  7. Happy B day Kell. Sorry for late respond I'm quite busy these days.... Cheers! :beerchug: p.s. Cheers to you Shadow as well! :beerchug:
  8. Could not agree with you more What are you waiting for! DO IT! P.S. Is there any green Font folder icon that could be used to replace icon in control panel?
  9. Glary Utilities @4.99 MB 99DC6DFBD413E4DE3EB830495DECAAC2 Note: Shortcut (destination directory) can be found under Utilities. Shell extensions are enabled. AddOn is fully uninstallable.
  10. You're welcome. I'm glad you like it
  11. Gorki

    New System

    Yeah,that is Vista all about LOL Buy Wista! LOL
  12. Numerimal @155 KB F11ECBEAE5F797908B591C09788DC2C4 Note: Shortcut (destination directory) can be found under Utilities. AddOn is fully uninstallable.
  13. Gorki

    Far Cry 2

    Yeah you are not the first person complaining on same thing. I personaly did not try FC2,I only read several game reviews and watch some trailers It's fun at some point but overall score would probably be lower... :sweatingbullets: I did play first part....it was very very cool to play with missions,and multiplayer mode also. Not to mention patches that come for "richer graphic" for 64bit XP version, ooo boy...those where the the days...
  14. Happy B-day mate! :beerchug: :thumbsup_anim:
  15. AddOn has been Updated..see the Changelog for more details.
  16. Ok I have more complains LOL... Boot screen is stock ,and new task manager still contains some green lines and numbers..it's not fully colored in blue as it's meant to be.
  17. Jonnyboy thanks for the update. Yep you have to move fast to cache it up, I forget to mention that Are you hauling me to go for Vista Sp1? LOL
  18. Just tried it,and this is the result? Any ideas? EDIT: amnesia I love your work. Blue task manager is wooow.... Thanks!
  19. Nice work snakecracker! Good job! keep them coming!
  20. bober regarding task manager I like idea of resizing it a bit and also adding these nice pics like amnesia previously posted,but I would also suggest one thing. patching it with kontini patcher,so after that you will get nice blue,resized and cool task manager. It would look wonderful! So += :w00t:
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