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  1. Erm sorry to ask but confused.. which psd?
  2. Correct.. the site says download not available just the keys
  3. Def. no hurry.. Im testrunning Win 7 lol
  4. No worries.. there's no rush Thnx man Here's a shot of the bar.. (even tho it's fomr green theme but it looks green in red too)
  5. In Windows Explorer.. right under the adressbar And I don't know.. it's just a matter of making resources and add them isn't it Maybe if I get the courage I'll design a whole new pack.. lol
  6. lol To make sure I installed the red one again earlier.. see Im jnust picky: some bars are green instead of red lol Either way.. was wondering.. color either red or darkgreen.. and I have a marble plugin
  7. Man.. I so like this stuff and wouldn't want my XP without it anymore.. just a few comments if I may.. With the gui version every install does the repatch.. so I get asked quite a few times to reboot because files got patched Only batchfile I seem to be abel to download anymore is And are there any other changes involved besides graphic interface? Thnx guys
  8. Dude.. what happened to DOS :icon_cool:
  9. I think follicly means a misson for google... that word's over my head
  10. Nice joke.. is that a stab at my attempts or...
  11. Smaller? Not sure what the actual height of the letters + symbol is.. up there I mean And a 2nd logo (hmm I think the other one just loooks huge becuase the text is on 3 lines)
  12. No lol I stated before I like this one and the green one... well mainly use the green one I guess Im picky on details at times that's all lol And dunno.. bluue's been overdone.. and a 2nd red dunno
  13. Very neat skin.. ok want me to give another shot lol I have ya pngs kel lol
  14. If I understood how to handle resources more.. I would give a try at maintaining or making a new version of this.. But I don't.. lol Im more of a designer..
  15. I mean I could do something like this...
  16. So you're still looking for the logo or not.. btw what's the font used.. or is that optional too? (Just asking cuz I love to mess with graphics and try designs)
  17. Search option is becoming very difficult to find something

  18. In regards to errors I was just checking this... http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=96162#96162 So is it possible IE & WMP cause troubles if they're not slipstreamed in a specific order? Just wondering..
  19. So man sorry to bug ya again.. but did ya create one or can I just add it with nlite like before then Thnx
  20. http://lassekongo83.deviantart.com/art/Alduin-Visual-Style-97248031 That's the one.. What I have done for now is install the VS on an existing XP and then add in nlite and set it as current VS If you do make an addon.. do I apply your batch and then add the alduin after?
  21. Sorry for replying so late... well it seems onepiece's pack works fine now, and the rest doesn't (which is the opposite from what happened in the past) So I guess if I add WMP and IE separately somehow I seem to lose them PS Is it possible to figure out combing your XPTSP with Alduin visual style..
  22. That's a known Firefox hotfix.. do you use FF? Anyways Ive put it in my SVCPACK
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