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  1. Ooops... I mistakenly uploaded a pre-release version that connected to test scripts that I since removed... To avoid any confusion, I've renamed the "real" v.6.03 to v.6.04, and uploaded it again. It's available as of now.
  2. Version 6.03 (24 April 2018): Fixed more bugs in user interface; fixed errors in Serbian localization; added Windows Server build 17650; removed unreleased Spring Creators Update; set minimum requirement to IE 9; changed languages in dropdowns to their respective native names.
  3. I've seen this issue before. I suspect that it is caused by an outdated IE version. The new downloader version uses Twitter Bootstrap 4.1, which no longer supports IE 7 through 9. Therefore, you should update your IE to version 10 or 11.
  4. I've been trying... This is rediculous... In the next version I think I'll add an admin backdoor to circumvent the link generation quota.
  5. That would be very helpful. Thanks! Does your key unlock the downloads on the MS site? https://www.microsoft.com/de-de/software-download/windows7 If not, it can't be used for the downloader. Donating your key doesn't mean you'll lose it. It will be used to unlock the Win 7 downloads for the other users. It will not be used to install and activate Win 7. MS might block your key from further downloading if it gets overused (though there are precautions in place now so that this is not gonna happen again). It is very unlikely that MS would block the key entirely for activation (but of course I can't give a 100% guarantee on that). If you still want to donate the key, plese send me a PN. Best wishes, Jan
  6. Thx! I'll have a look at it shortly, after dealing with the GDPR nightmare...
  7. I've seen this issue pop up quite frequently recently. I suspect there's a new root cause that can cause this. What's your Windows and IE version? I'll have a try and replicate the issue.
  8. Win 7 N versions are currently not available, but could be added. Let me quote the FAQ for details. Q: I can't find some Windows and Office editions and languages that were available in previous versions. A: Office 2007 had reached the end of its life cycle, and will not return. Microsoft has restricted the download options for Windows 7 and Office 2010. We have brought back the most important versions. If you feel there's a specific edition or language missing, please consider donating a suitable product key to us to integrate it into the downloader, so that you and other users can benefit from having the download continuously available.
  9. No, original Windows 7 is no longer supported by MS, and therefore no longer available for download. I do know about the site. I don't think they're using my links though.
  10. You could create the links on one computer, and then send them to the other computer to conduct the downoads. (I just wanted to create the links for you, but unfortunately both Pro and Ultimate currently have no free quota to generate more links. Maybe later tonight...)
  11. Yes! I experienced the same error yesterday. I turned out that the MS download pages were temporarily down (maybe it was a regional outage only, since I didn't get a flood of emails). Try going to https://www.microsoft.com/de-de/software-download/windows7 If the page is blank as well, then that's the root cause of the issue.
  12. I can relate. Guess what: I hate ads too. I even have an ad blocker installed. I don't condemn anyone who hates ads and uses an adblocker. I will never force people to disable their adblocker to use any of my sites or services (except one occasion when an adblock plugin decided to block all kinds of functional scripts on heidoc together with the ads, for which I've not seen it as my responsibility to clean up their mess...) Now let me quickly find and wear my publisher hat before I write the next paragraph... I love ads. They pay the bills, and they provide a great way to offer free content without having to charge visitors anything. Now the publishing industry as well the advertising industry have a massive issue: the rise of ad blocking... Some publishers penalize adblock users by blocking them from their content in return. They only hurt themselves. Adblock users simply go elsewhere to find their information. Some publishers penalize non adblock users by plastering their sites with loads of intrusive stuff. They also only hurt themselves. Non adblock users simply go elsewhere... or install an adblocker. Publishers who do not want to compromize suffer most. I'm very glad that the increase of users over at heidoc.net (and here on wincert.net as well) is currently greater than the increase of adblock usage, so that ads still pay the bills for me. But my prediction is the following: Adblock usage will increase further over the next decade or so, then the advertising industry will collapse, and the free internet as we know it will be history. This is not inevitable though. Google has been pushing the "acceptable ads" standard. If they succeed, that could be a good middle way.
  13. Hi topek, Please see my announcement here:
  14. Dear WinCert community, Effective immediately, we no longer participate in the MultiPass network. If you have a MP subscription, please read on, as we want to make the transition as smooth as possible for everyone. MP has always only covered the WinCert blog, and not the forum. For this reason, I have wanted to replace it with Google Contributor ever since taking ownership of the site. Google has not yet accepted us for membership, but once they do, you will be able again to opt out of ads on WinCert. As always, you can become a forum sponsor which disables ads display on the WinCert forum (albeit not on the blog). If you have an MP subscription for the current month, we don't want to upset you by removing your MP privileges on WinCert net without prior notice. Therefore we want to give you two options to choose from to make up for the loss. To claim one of these offers, you will need to provide a proof of payment for your MP subscription between 18 March and 17 April 2018, and have a WinCert forum account with a matching email address that was created no later than 17 April 2018. 1. Pro rata refund of the current month's MP subscription fee. You can claim your refund through WinCert, not MultiPass. If you wish to receive a refund, you can contact me directly through forum messaging, and provide the requested documents, as well as your PayPal details or your IBAN so that we can issue the refund. 2. Free basic forum sponsorship for one year. Forum sponsorship will disable ads on the WinCert forum only. If you can provide a second MP proof of payment no older that one year (17 April 2017), you can claim free platinum forum sponsorship for one year. If you are a sponsor already, we'll raise your sponsorship level to platinum or ultimate for a year for free. If you're already an ultimate sponsor, we'll append one year for free. To claim your forum sponsorship, please contact me through forum messaging and provide the requested document. Best wishes, Jan
  15. Sometimes it can take longer than 24 hours. I've made the same experience. Which file do you need? I'm, currently not blocked and could generate the link for you.
  16. Sorry about that! My understanding is that MP works on the WinCert blog but not the forum. I've been thinking about a solution ever since taking ownership of the site last year. I'll change a couple of things today, and will make a general announcement afterwards. I hope that I have a solution which everyone will be happy with.
  17. Version 6.02 (17 April 2018): Updated to jQuery 3.3.1; updated to Bootstrap 4.1; fixed bugs and more style issues in user interface.
  18. The latest version that did support Office 2007 was 5.28, but digging out the old version is not gonna help. Office 2007 is gone for good.
  19. Version 6.01 (15 April 2018): Added Office 2016 for Mac build 16.12; added Office 2010 Technology Guarantee and Academic; fixed style issues in user interface; added more loclization.
  20. No, this is a new message that I added for the new version. I had to throttle the generation of new links to prevent MS from blocking my product keys again. Therefore, not all product editions are available in all languages all the time. Which files are unlocked next is decided by community demand, with preferential treatment of users who enable "idle resource donation". Just keep clicking. Eventually, your desired file might unlock.
  21. According to the MSDN dumps, there are no images newer than 2011. https://www.heidoc.net/php/myvsdump_family.php?family=Windows+7 You could try asking in the Win 7 subforum, where your question would get better exposure. Maybe someone else has an idea.
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