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  1. @imasmokeu, PM sent. Some info and checksum: ;Product : Windows XP Home Edition and Professional Combo Release ;File : en_winxp_home_pro_combo2600_FPP.iso ;Language : English (United States) ;CD-Label : WXPHFPP_EN ;AppName : CDIMAGE 2.43 (02/01/2000 TM) ;AutoCRC : None ;CRC32 : FFFFFFFF ;SHA-1 : 23ECD23E8F2CB722F60599C9305C69139AA7077D 23ECD23E8F2CB722F60599C9305C69139AA7077D *en_winxp_home_pro_combo2600_FPP.iso
  2. I have most of the Windows 7 and Office 2007, 2010 downloads in English saved. I am thinking of creating an archive by uploading all of those along with hashes but I don't have a good file host (for now). I would suggest MSDN if you have access and torrents on DigitalRiver mirror. They are all unmodified and you have a higher chance of getting the correct hash. It is not a good idea to download from Softlay (I've seen a few modified downloads with keygen and crack).
  3. I can generate the links for you, which download do you need?
  4. Can you copy links? If you can, copy the link and paste it into your favorite browser or download manager. If you are receiving the error from Microsoft and you are trying to download 1903, read: Regards, SnowBall
  5. I have it, it was on MSDN if I remember right. I can grab it for you but it is something like ~500 MB. Edit: Search for pt_office_professional_2007_cd_x12-46635.iso and go to torrents, illegal sites and etc if you want it now. I don't have the time to download and upload a copy now.
  6. I was thinking about converting the full MS-DOS so it can run under Windows 10 64-bit. I've already got DOS 1.25 done but it is completely useless because not many DOS apps were designed for it. It is a bit challenging doing DOS 3.x and above but I think I can get it (eventually). I've got half of MS-DOS 3.30 working already and hopefully I can get everything done next week. The hardest thing is that not every DOS utility can be converted without a risk. You certainly don't want things like CHKDSK or SCANDISK running on Windows 10 64-bit with direct disk access because it can mess up your hard drive easily. Below is my fully working COMMAND.COM and you can even launch 64-bit Windows apps using it! PM me if anybody want any specific DOS app to be converted. Project cancelled. No more requests. Edit: Yep done! I figured out you don't need to convert every app and the converted COMMAND.COM can handle 16-bit, 32-bit and 64-bit apps. You can also use COMMAND.COM to run Windows 10's Command Prompt or use Windows 10's Command Prompt to run COMMAND.COM which is surprising. I am now packing this up ready to share it! The only problem now is the copyright. I don't think Microsoft still care about DOS anymore but it would be good just to confirm that I can upload the whole OS. If I can't then you can simply grab the files off your DOS 3.30 floppy or download it from the internet to a folder and replace COMMAND.COM with this one. Project cancelled. No more downloads. Although I know this is 100% safe if you don't do silly things, I still have to say: I am not responsible if you mess up your computer by running this unofficial DOS port to 64-bit Windows. Please don't run any disk related commands as you might end up destroying your hard drive partitions because file systems did change a lot in the last 30 years. If you have never used DOS before or don't have the basic knowledge about it, run it in a VM for the sake of your data.
  7. https://software-download.microsoft.com/sg/Win7_HomePrem_SP1_English_x32.iso?t=2651cd72-a21c-495c-9c44-0df101b32c9d&e=1556487023&h=be6da6950d3b3182204303b9feaf923b
  8. I've got DOS Shell working but it is pointless because it uses up all memory to do a directory listing of your hard drive. Ask me if you want it. Here is MS-DOS QBasic and it can run standalone or inside Command Prompt just like MS-DOS Editor. Project cancelled. No more downloads. I can't play GORILLA.BAS because instead of showing color, the screen is black and I can't see anything. I will try to fix this when I get time, so no bananas for now.
  9. I think it might just be better to provide a standalone portable MS-DOS Editor rather than having to install NTVDMx64 for 64-bit Windows users. Download here Project cancelled. No more downloads. It will create a temp file in the working directory so make sure that directory is not write protected. Some characters might not show correctly but I don't think that is a big issue. It can run within Command Prompt or standalone. The other good thing is it can interact with your system so you can copy text using notepad and paste into Edit or vice versa. Running in Command Prompt: Running standalone: Hope you like it, SnowBall
  10. Easy! Microsoft really want users to use Bing and makes it very hard to switch to Google.
  11. Search *.iso in all your hard drives. If you just want to eject the ISO, right click on F: and select eject.
  12. It looks like the ISOs were already uploaded to various sites. I am not sure if they are final releases but I don't want to take the risk of trying them now. Adding MSDN downloads to the ISO Downloader would violate some terms&conditions if I recall correctly. Also it would be very hard. There is a Chinese site called MSDN I Tell You that provide P2P downloads. The Eye provides direct links for some MSDN downloads but they are out of date and the site is currently experiencing server migration. Edit: Downloads of the English Consumer editions are on The Pirate Bay and hash matches. If you don't have MSDN subscription, go to The Pirate Bay and search: en_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_b980e68c en_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_b40c5211 I've tested them, they are 100% original and clean.
  13. I can do a good English translation (from English UK to US, from US to UK, from AU to UK and etc.) . Anyway I wouldn't rely on Google Translate. Most users don't read the error message even if they can understand English and that causes them to think there is a server problem or bug then they post on the forum (without reading other threads).
  14. Interesting... You should do a Google search. https://www.microsoft.com/Licensing/servicecenter/default.aspx You need a subscription for that though. Regards, SnowBall
  15. Another good one, translate all error messages (e.g. the Windows 7 one) to all the languages the ISO Downloader support so users don't have to post on the forum in their own language in the wrong section. Also, link https://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/14040-important-announcement-iso-downloader-blocked-by-microsoft/ to the Windows 7 and Office 2010 error message so at lease they can have a read. Regards, SnowBall
  16. Read: You should post in English in the Windows ISO Downloader sub-forum. Anyway, if you really need Windows 7 Ultimate you can download other Windows 7 versions and remove ei.cfg. 您应该在Windows ISO Downloader论坛中以英文发布。无论如何,如果你真的需要Windows 7旗舰版,你可以下载其他Windows 7版本并删除ei.cfg。 Regards, SnowBall
  17. Safe from viruses but doesn't mean it is stable enough. I don't want to install a beta version of Windows... I am going to wait for a month after it officially come out and then upgrade. I am pretty sure the Media Creation Tool is just a place holder and the version it download is not the final release.
  18. Always take extra care when installing feature updates before they are officially out. (I save everything to OneDrive so there is nothing for me to worry about) The Media Creation Tool is everywhere now but I will wait untill it pops up in Windows Update.
  19. I've finally sorted out all the mess and if you want public versions of Microsoft Edge, to install it on Windows 7 or whatever, PM me.
  20. Same, but I already have a license. Leaving the oppotunity to other people who have an account.
  21. I am still on but I have to download a new build every day to keep up with the Canary Channel. BTW, the current Dev version is and Can version is Not sure why Microsoft made it like that.
  22. That is good, congratulations! Now you can install it and download the language pack from my previous post.
  23. I am uploading them to MEGA now, since the Canary Channel updates daily, it would be hard to grab older builds. I am not uploading the online installer, but the full offline installer... 62 MB each.
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