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  1. Hello, I want 4k bliss wallpaper but all I can find online is low resolution ones upscaled and stretched. I really need that wallpaper for my 4k wallpaper collection and I want the original 4k bliss. I know there are lots of custom theme and wallpaper experts here and please help. I downloaded a xp iso and I can't find the wallpaper there so don't tell me to use it.
  2. what happened? i don't know why but how is it goung to affect me? what is article 13 actually about?
  3. hi nim, you said on the other thread there will be 5 licrnses given out, are you going to do it? can you please send me one because I want to use a legit license. thanks.
  4. Hahaha, I thought the new logo came from windows 7. that made my day. @SnowBall, do you happen to have any 32 bit releases of edge?
  5. I am having trouble installing windows xp 64 so i can't test on it. does it work on xp 64? it don't have 32 bit. a tip for microsodt: REMOVE BING AND MAKE GOOGLE DEFAULT! THEY SOULD DISCONTINUE BING!
  6. @Jan Krohn, do you have a windows xp pro 64 key?
  7. Why the exe you send be doesn't work on win10? it says the app can't run on my pc and i need to check with the publisher? It works on my vm with win 3.1 but does no work here. I tried to open it in resource hacker and it doesn't open. I think ms has a protection so we can't edit that exe.
  8. Philip Yip , can you please send your modified iso up? also, do you have to intagrate a language pack or anything?
  9. sent your modified one up or generate Windows 10 1508 eng 64 bit for me. thanks
  10. send it up and I will try. I might be able to fix it so you can use it as normal. I've been trying resource hacker and it can modify exe files without corrupting them. I can also add an icon using resource hacker! also, send your ntvmd up, it looks interesting.
  11. Anybody know how to convert a microsoft app to an exe so i could run them on windows xp? when i copy the exe file for microsoft apps, it will say must run in context of the app container. HELP!!! Can't find solution on google.
  12. Great! I installed it and i can run the progman! i want to know what is the registry thing? actually why when ever i try running progman from windows 3.1, it says app can't run on your computer, what did you do to remove the error?
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