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  1. Hello, I want 4k bliss wallpaper but all I can find online is low resolution ones upscaled and stretched. I really need that wallpaper for my 4k wallpaper collection and I want the original 4k bliss. I know there are lots of custom theme and wallpaper experts here and please help. I downloaded a xp iso and I can't find the wallpaper there so don't tell me to use it.
  2. what happened? i don't know why but how is it goung to affect me? what is article 13 actually about?
  3. hi nim, you said on the other thread there will be 5 licrnses given out, are you going to do it? can you please send me one because I want to use a legit license. thanks.
  4. Hahaha, I thought the new logo came from windows 7. that made my day. @SnowBall, do you happen to have any 32 bit releases of edge?
  5. I am having trouble installing windows xp 64 so i can't test on it. does it work on xp 64? it don't have 32 bit. a tip for microsodt: REMOVE BING AND MAKE GOOGLE DEFAULT! THEY SOULD DISCONTINUE BING!
  6. @Jan Krohn, do you have a windows xp pro 64 key?
  7. Why the exe you send be doesn't work on win10? it says the app can't run on my pc and i need to check with the publisher? It works on my vm with win 3.1 but does no work here. I tried to open it in resource hacker and it doesn't open. I think ms has a protection so we can't edit that exe.
  8. Philip Yip , can you please send your modified iso up? also, do you have to intagrate a language pack or anything?
  9. sent your modified one up or generate Windows 10 1508 eng 64 bit for me. thanks
  10. send it up and I will try. I might be able to fix it so you can use it as normal. I've been trying resource hacker and it can modify exe files without corrupting them. I can also add an icon using resource hacker! also, send your ntvmd up, it looks interesting.
  11. Anybody know how to convert a microsoft app to an exe so i could run them on windows xp? when i copy the exe file for microsoft apps, it will say must run in context of the app container. HELP!!! Can't find solution on google.
  12. Great! I installed it and i can run the progman! i want to know what is the registry thing? actually why when ever i try running progman from windows 3.1, it says app can't run on your computer, what did you do to remove the error?
  13. program manager? what is that, never heard of it. it is not microsoft i guess. don't know how to install, no installer, all zip files. i copy progman to sys32 and it throws ma an error.
  14. hi everyone, it the project still alive? or is finished or died?
  15. OMG, why you everywhere, do you have the dl for office 2019 pro plus and visio pro and project pro?
  16. also, i see other people have different ranking, like Wanderer, Priest, Sorceror and other stuff, what are they and how do you get up? thx
  17. That was great man! one thing is the dl for wrp.dll was bad, please update it. also, what do you use to create the iso file and how do you make it bootable?
  18. hi, am Nirav Narang, I am 31 years old and am new to this fourm. I don't know what else to say but please support me. cheers. Have a NICE day
  19. hi thats great mate! am not asking for the download but pls tell me how you make this. i wanna try it on my vm.
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