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  1. 8 hours ago, Mati089 said:

    @SnowBall Okay, God... 
    Calm down man..

    It was enough to respond normally... thanks!


    subject to be closed!

    Not trying to be mean or anything... Sometimes, people just can't understand what is being said and it can be quite frustrating... The bug has been reported and people is still relating it to the protest... Many people now days don't take the time to read everything. If what I said previously hurt your feelings or anything, sorry😅.

    5 hours ago, Mati089 said:

    Okey is working! :D

    Thanks man, the problem was probably to install internet explorer 11


    Urr... I bet most of the times, problems were caused by IE and as I said before, making an online ISO Downloader will eliminate potential issues and it can be accessed by other operating systems.

  2. I made a patch, it can recognize the Dell image edition and give you the list of editions you can change it to. Very buggy and it corrupts the ISO easily so I can't share it now. Replacing the key is very easy but ei.cfg is the problem.

    8 hours ago, Jan Krohn said:

    Calculating the SHA-1 is already so sluggish for large files (thanks MS for this inefficiency in the .NET framework). Calculating both SHA-1 and SHA-256 would take really too long.

    You could put a message saying that the tool does not support Dell ISO files...

  3. I think you could make an utility to simply replace the ei.cfg and slp.cmd from the ISO. It only require you to patch out a few bytes... I've done one for official Windows 7 ISO but it would need the user to rebuild the ISO using CDIMAGE and I am still working on it.

    For slp.cmd, it is very easy, replace the key. ei.cfg will be in different size and it would require a bit of workaround.


    Also when loading the Dell ISO via the ISO Tools, the SHA1 is not recognised even though the tool has this on the Download section when the ISO download is selected.

    Well, the checksums were from MSDN...

  4. I hope you know the fact 1508 doesn't exist. I will give you 1507 Home/Pro en-us since you didn't say which edition you want.


    It will expire in 24 hours, so be quick.

    I can't send you my modified ISO Downloader, sorry. You can try to fiddle with it and see if you can do something to it... I don't know much about the server so my fix is just rubbish... Jan will fix it and update it soon.



  5. Resource Hacker?🤔 No, it is for modifying the resources within a 32 or 64 Bit PE (portable executable), it can not modify a 16 Bit NE. Here is the file anyway: https://mega.nz/#!gIFA3aBT!wf2DeMNMcCVzyyCNvcEysODQsB8k77QjDipbTq2CIMY. I don't think you can do anything to it as you probably haven't even used 16 Bit apps before... It has an icon, I am running it on Windows 10 64 Bit, which isn't supposed to run 16 Bit apps at all and because my NTVDM is so buggy it fails to get the icon to display. BTW, if you want to edit the resources within 16 Bit Windows apps, you should try Resource Workshop (it can't handle pre-mswin3.0 16 Bit apps). If you seriously want to edit the content of a 16 Bit NE, use a disassembler to disassemble it and do your modification (resource editors won't change the functionalities of compiled binaries). 

    The end session thing is because 30 years ago, Windows wasn't yet a fully qualified OS, it is more of a software on top of MS-DOS. If you end your session, it will exit Windows without shutting down your computer, you will be in DOS prompt. So, it is not a bug or anything, it will just sign you out...

    I can't give you my NTVDM (not NTVMD) because it is so buggy and you should try WineVDM which is what my NTVDM based on. Of course WineVDM can't be integrated into Windows as well as my NTVDM but it has less bugs (and won't mess up Windows).



  6. Sorry for spamming but version 8.06 works... Download that version and you can generate links without getting the error. Because the ISO Downloader is server based, you can use older versions to generate new links even the product you need was added afterwards (don't try really old versions that uses TechBench).



  7. Look, the BUG is not related to the PROTEST!!! All of you should learn how to read more carefully!

    @Steve Sybesma, I am not as dumb as you thought... My post was for Mati089 who can't understand how long is 24 hours... I know it is a bug that preventing you from getting Windows 10 and other Microsoft page related downloads. You could go and decompile the ISO Downloader then make a few modifications to remove that bug but it is pretty useless.


  8. You are posting in the wrong place... And the wrong language...

    The expiration time of the link was set by Microsoft and you nor anybody can change that. What you can do is to use a Download Manager (e.g. IDM). They will give you a huge boost in speed and after 24 hours, you can generate a new link to continue downloading the remaining 4%. If you can't figure out how to do that, send me a message🙂.




  9. Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard Edition with SP2 Trial

    32 Bit

    Disc1: http://download.microsoft.com/download/5/1/C/51C53A00-7F8B-423C-A841-8B9C49B910BF/X13-04874.img

    Disc2: http://download.microsoft.com/download/5/1/C/51C53A00-7F8B-423C-A841-8B9C49B910BF/X13-04795.img

    64 Bit

    Disc1: http://download.microsoft.com/download/F/9/D/F9DA93F8-2814-4B9B-A6A1-EA9B6B7E8BD6/X13-05825.img

    Disc2: http://download.microsoft.com/download/F/9/D/F9DA93F8-2814-4B9B-A6A1-EA9B6B7E8BD6/X13-05774.img

    Found the links in a text file on my old hard drive... The naming of those files looks like Digital River downloads and I am pretty sure they are trials. Unsure if it worth to be added to the ISO Downloader or they are just like the Visio and Project 2010 links.




  10. Yeah, I know. The whole purpose of rebuilding your ISO using CDIMAGE is for those perfectionist who wants the ISO to be 100% legit and original for collection purposes. If you are just trying to repair a computer, patch out a few bytes to remove ei.cfg and it should be fine.

    ~The good old days when TechBench is still online... You can download everything in almost all languages.~



  11. Not sure yet. After testing the NTVDMx64 by Leecher1337, it does not work if Secure Boot is enabled. I tried to merge WineVDM and NTVDMx64 together to make it possible for both 16 Bit Windows apps and DOS apps to run under Windows 10 64 Bit but it did not go smoothly. I started a new one based on WineVDM and it can not handle DOS apps correctly...

    I am still working on it and if you want to test it now, simply download WineVDM. My version is not much better than the latest version of WineVDM (my one is a little better at running Windows 1.x apps but unstable).




  12. Probably. I had a huge list of service tags that I've been collecting since 2006 and I put them in one by one, 90% didn't work and non of them unlocks any Vista or XP. Really ond service tags won't work.

    Downloading anything Pre-Vista from Microsoft for free is almost impossible... It would be good if some OEMs still have them for download. Anyway,  I am sure not a lot of people want to use the unsupported Vista and XP is just dying.

    Now people should prioritize on Windows 7 and Office 2010 as the extended support will end soon. Who knows when Microsoft will take down all the Windows 7 downloads just like Office 2007. 

  13. I also have a few Windows XP Dell OEM images but not from service tags. I got them years ago and they are still sitting on my hard drive😁. The Windows 7 image was last updated in 2016... Unlikely Dell is going to update it...

    Not sure if it is possible to find a service tag that could unlock Windows XP Downloads.



  14. True, I am pretty sure most of the people here can understand English and it is good to post in English. For users who just can't understand English, they should at least Google Translate it and post in the English forums. I think the International forums belong to people who have projects in their language, language packs and questions about that language (text encoding and etc. that requires people to understand that language). It does not really belong to normal discussion and postings if the English forum covers it all.


    That's even better than just being more active in the English forum. 🙂 

    Well, it could depend, say I have a French project and a question about Office 2010 French and I post it both forums, it would be double posting and spamming to a degree. What should be posted in both forums is Tutorials and Guides (e.g: How to install Windows 10 French in the French forum and How to install Windows 10 in the English forum) and other stuff where it is necessary.



  15. Actually, sometimes the info provided in those forums are worth reading. Your first language doesn't mean you prefer everything in that language😶. I can't read Turkish, Italian Spanish nor Dutch, makes things harder.

    If I only understand Arabic and not any other languages, then I will have to rely on Google Translate. Google Translated text is much better than guessing for the meaning, right?

    Anyway, I know that it is pretty hard to achieve that and I don't know much blogs or forums offer this except for big companies or government ones.



  16. Sure, thanks. I can only read/speak 3 languages and English is my main one. I don't know about other people but by the look if it, there is not much native English speakers here and it would be convenient to support their language. I can't read Italian for example and it is very annoying that you have to manually Google Translate whenever you visit another thread.

    You are saying that it is initially an English forum, then it would be good to tell the users to translate whatever they post in the Non-English sub-forums for the sake of *us*😀. I am pretty sure the Turkish forum was added somewhere in 2008.



  17. Hi, I was reading through the international forums and I found it very incontinent if you can't understand anything while having to rely on Google Translate. Is it possible to set your language to something for example French, and the whole forum becomes French, regardless of that the language the poster posted in. Or I can change it to Russian and making everything Russian, and same thing for Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese, Japanese or plain English. I know this sounds impossible but it makes life easier as we all come from different countries and speak different languages (I guess that is the reason for those international forums). Without the *vast majority* of people understanding the what is being posted in those forums, it defeats the whole purpose of having them at all.

    This only a suggestion, so don't take it seriously if it is very hard to achieve if possible.



  18. Don't run the program... Excel files (xlsx) is actually a zip archive. Simply extract the file and edit out the password. Depending on how you've encrypted it and if you are not using Encrypt with Password, then it should be all fine.

    If you still can't crack the password, sent it to me and I might give it a go (only if there is no sensitive info and you don't mind).



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