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Remove old updates


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It is always, as it has always been true with every tool ever made that can create a Windows install image, always, always, always better to start with a fresh clean unaltered source every time.  Doing anything else gives just one more way something can go wrong.  Why would you want to risk that?


Cheers and Regards

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While the old updates will be replaced by the newer updates (kind of a microsoft thing), I agree with the sentiment above.  When performing fresh updates, one really needs to start with a clean source.  This will seriously reduce the *wonkyness* of any problems.


+1 to bphlpt

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Ok assumming I start from scratch, it would be great if I would be able to select all updates I have downloaded in the past and that WIntoolkit knows which one to integrate and which one is not longer needed.


Or is there already another manner to do that?

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