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Definition Update for Microsoft Security Essentials


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Hello everyone,
maybe someone has been through that and has knowledge to share
is there a .cab file for mseinstall.exe (microsoft security essentials)  so that I could add it to an offline  image using dism ?
I did some searching but found none, so I guess there's no .cab or msu for it ... ?
the other thing - I suppose I could add  the .exe to silent installers (with WinToolKit) but then I was wondering -  is it possible to add Definition Update for Microsoft Security Essentials KB2310138 (Definition 1.165.1048.0) ?

it is the package windows wants to download for ms security essentials after a fresh install and of course I wouldn't like to download it everytime I make a fresh install.

By "add" I mean add it to an offline image with dism, the same way I add e.g. IE11 or prerequsities for IE11. (the way I create my images is I first do things I can do using command line and for the rest I go for wintoolkit)

First thought is it does not make any sense to add updates (virus def) while there is no program installed yet that could use these definitions.

But let's say I did that, and then I go to Wintoolkit and add mse.exe (silent installer). Will it work ? I mean will the antivirus program use these definitions and updates itself without downloading them?

I'll try to do that myself but if anyone tried this before, I'll be glad to hear some feedback

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There is no CAB but there is an EXE installer with the latest definitions. I think I have the FWLINK's listed in my repack for MSE

BTW if you want to integrate the updates you can also grab the installed definitions from %programdata%\microsoft\<mse_sub_dir>\{guid} in your current pc and add them to your mounted %programdata%\microsoft\<mse_sub_dir> \updates or \backup (one or the other of these will work)

Then when you install mse it will see the updates in programdata and add them automatically (I wanted to do the same with win8 but the folder permissions may not let you)

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Thank you for your reply.
As I thought there's no .cab for MSE, I also find it hard to get the latest definitions .cab files. MS offers it as .exe for offline download and install but I can't find the .cab file which is downloaded by Windows Update (KB2310138 (Definition 1.165.1048.0).

Well, but that's ok since I am going to try your way.
When I try to access cataloges you mention Windows says you don't have permission, but eventually lets me in and lets me copy whatever I want.
Just to make sure if I got you right:
the folders are:
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Microsoft Antimalware\Definition Updates
and then:
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Microsoft Antimalware\Definition Updates\{1BCF080C-FF75-498B-A624-9FDE12884678}
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Microsoft Antimalware\Definition Updates\{AF144843-5794-4886-9922-84EAA5DD11D2}
These two contain files, especially the latter - there are other folders in the definition update directory (Backup, Updates, NISBackup) but they are empty.
Did you mean these two?




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Copy the files in the guid folder (with the most) to the Backup folder in your mounted image (create dir if not exist)

When it comes time to install mse it will see these files and make a guid folder similar to where they came from originally and apply them automatically. You may still have to update but it will be a much smaller update that downloads the NIS updates (however you may also be able to copy these to the Backup folder and have them auto-applied)

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