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AIO-Integrator: Add option for "RAM-Patcher"?


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Hey Liam,

At the moment, WTK use martins uxtheme-patcher, that pacht just uxtheme.dll, shsvcs.dll and themeui.dll:

It would be nice to have a option to use custom resources for example explorere.exe and shell32.dll.
It exist various "Patcher" they can be also added into WTK as tweak, same way as theme-patcher.
BTW: It would be much better that WTK patch/add the files itself instead of 3thparty tools.

Hacking dlls are old school, this method is outdated.
The new way is to change resources directly in ram at windows start.
Some tools make a reg for use a dll that replacing images for example.

Here is a one + tutorial:

Here u can it download:

That would be very cool.
What u think about?


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What is RAM Patcher? :P

Genarly it's an tool to enable the 4 GB ram in 32 os system


Is not entirely correct

System memory is separated from 2GB to head 2 GB OS and 2GB for the User (in poor words any exe or process may not seek or use more than 2GB), but in Programming Languages for example like the C++ that most used in Windows limit the required memory in 32-bit systems is 4 GB (sizeof(DWORD))

// Maximum heap request the heap manager will attempt#ifdef _WIN64   #define _HEAP_MAXREQ 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFE0#else   #define _HEAP_MAXREQ 0xFFFFFFE0#endif

so obvious question of programmers how to use more memory, and Microsoft satisfied them (that is the famous modification BCDEdit and boot. ini) as always everything well explained in Microsoft.com (where everyone will have to go for strength before asking opinions in the forum of third parties)

4-Gigabyte Tuning: BCDEdit and Boot.ini

Physical Address Extension

Address Windowing Extensions

Large-Page Support

in poor words you can run a modification in x32 systems to tell the system to give an application up to 3GB of RAM, but the point is just that many do not understand that application itself must be written and compiled to support a certain thing, that is the famous LARGEADDRESSAWARE so in 99% of cases a specific change has no the impact that many believes, in the archives of the MSDN articles are always\very interesting discussions as in this case for example Using /LARGEADDRESSAWARE on 64-bit Windows for 32-bit programs however it seems the LARGEADDRESSAWARE gives an x32 application in X64 systems the right to ask\use full 4GB of Ram so is really helpful

all this because not for ignorance how to say, but was always easy for everyone (including itself programmers) make mistakes and get confused between the physical memory and virtual memory etc etc


Regarding the memory limits Memory Limits for Windows and Windows Server Releases

Ciao a tutti.

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