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[Question] Files to be remove if possible ?


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hi everyone,


my question is a little bit crazy but i'll try my best to clarify it (and BTW i wish Lego to answer it if possible), so when we use Wintoolkit there is those files added to different places in Windows folder like : "%windir%\System32\WinToolkitRunOnce.exe" ; "%windir%\System32\WinToolkitRunOnce.exe.config" ; "%windir%\System32\WinToolkit_RunOnceLog.txt" ; "%windir%\Prefetch\WINTOOLKITRUNONCE.EXE-*.pf" (Thank you mooms) and some others who knows...? so my questions is :


1. Is removing those files from install.wim (Offline) will make some problems in Windows 7 installation ?

2. Then if the case how i can remove those files without creating problems in Windows 7 installation ?


and thanks for your answers.

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If someone has a complete list of leftover files safe to delete, please post them here.
I have already found 1 folder (containing drivers.log) and 4 files :
I have created a  "cleanup" SFX (to run with withWinToolkitRunOnce) containing a batch file that will delete the files on next reboot (using RunOnce).
This way the leftover files & folder are safely removed and you can check log before rebooting.
The command executed:

REG ADD HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce /V Cleanup /D "CMD /C DEL %WINDIR%\system32\WinToolkit*.* & DEL %WINDIR%\Prefetch\*.pf & RMDIR /S /Q %windir%\WinToolkit"

Here is the SFX:

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Ideally, I would think that this kind of thing should be included in Win Toolkit to clean up after itself  Whether it should do so as a default is the question, I guess.  Regarding logs, I would think that once everything is working correctly everyone would like it all cleaned up.  What good is a bunch of logs that say "successful" after all?  But as the user is learning how things work, those logs can be invaluable to help the user, or Lego, figure out what went wrong, so the user should keep all the logs they can until they are sure they have a successful methodology.


Cheers and Regards

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Yes, ideally WinToolkitRunOnce should delete itself once shut down.

Note that my cleanup script will also clean Prefetch folder. (Obviously installers are only launched once by WinToolkitRunOnce , so Prefetch can be emptied).

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