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Looking for help with instructions on creating integrated 8.1 disk for a beginner


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First let me apologize up front as I am sure this has probably been answered many times and it is just a comprehension issue on my part as this is all completely new to me.


First, what I am trying to do is create an image of win 8.1 pro with media center with drivers, updates, and serials integrated.  Maybe beyond that I would like to additionally add office 13 and a few other programs.  I have been working on this for about two weeks and I feel like I am just not seeing the answer and it is probably in front of me.


I managed to get an ISO of winpro x64 with media center and serials integrated (although this is a bit of an assumption as I have not tested the ISO) but I was previously trying to use a different tool and I kept getting an error in regards to the install.wim.


Well, after a lot of reading I found that in 8.1 the install.wim is now install.esd so I start trying to figure out how to get through that which ultimately led me here and to wintoolkit.  I was thinking that if I worked through getting a install.wim file I could just replace my install.esd with the install.wim that I created.  Now, I finally worked through getting the .wim created but in getting this far I am not so sure I can just change out the .esd for the .wim in my already created ISO.


When working with wintoolkit it looks like you integrate your items into the .wim file.  So, do you integrate it there and change it into an ISO for install somehow?  This is really where I feel like I have become lost and I just don't have the knowledge to interpret the answer on my own.  At this point I am wondering do I convert the .wim to an ISO and just start over with integrating serials, drivers and such.


Ugh, as you can see I am not the sharpest knife on this topic.  I hope I'm not beyond help :)

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I've read this thread on at least two different occasions, so the "view" count is definitely off. (I've never paid any attention to it.)  Unfortunately, I  don't use Win8 so I can't offer any direct advice.


Besides mooms' suggestion, you could also try some more experiments, even if you're not sure what you're doing, then post what you used and what you did, say what results you got vs what you expected, and maybe that will help get more response.  Good luck!


Cheers and Regards

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Mooms, since you are from France I will forgive the rudeness as I understand it is just in the French character.  I'm not sure how or why you find it unreadable but if you can't add something positive why waste your keystrokes.  I really haven't tried a ton as I got to the point of needing a install.wim as opposed to an install.esd and worked through getting the install.wim.



This is for you Mooms...




I thought once I had the install.wim I would just replace the install.esd with that but then I started thinking that the wim is unique to the image it was created from and couldn't just be placed into any image.  I guess my question



at the moment is do I just work with the install.wim and then convert it to an ISO or do I need to work with the ISO with the wim inside of it.  I just didn't want to spend time customizing the wim only to find out I needed to do something else rendering it worthless.  Thanks for reading and again, I am new to this so I hope I can find some helpful comments as sarcasm/criticism is easy when you are dealing with someone just trying to get a hold on something new.

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Maybe because it's unreadeable ? Please add some line return, maybe you will have more answers.

About the zero views, it's a bug with the forum.

It's not a bug. Views counter has a delay because we have turned it off to save server CPU. :)

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Ok, not racist, I said from France and you don't have to be any particular race to be from France but enough on that.  I didn't mean for my response to come across wrong but here's the deal.  I make and read post all the time and in my opinion an it's just that the post was not unreadable.  It may have not been very well worded in a way that makes sense but that kind of goes to the fact that I said I am a total noob to this.  My response; to Mooms was as much reactionary as anything because people that are trying to learn something and come to a knowledgeable community to learn what we really are looking for is good advice and not comments about how well our post reads.  Again, if you said you have no idea what I am trying to say, then ok because I don't know that I asked correctly but if you are telling me I could have typed the question in a better format then cmion.  Anyway, So I take the wim, modify the wim with what I want included and then repackage the wim with wintoolkit?  To do this repackaging do you need the rest of the files of the ISO or is it created from the wim.  If you need the other files then do I just take the wim I created and overwrite the esd file in my original image?  

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Lemme point a couple things out:

One reason why your post was not being read could be this:

Forum rules: (Which I highly suggest you read very closely)


11. Very often we see meaningless subjects in topic title. They give no clue of what the posts are all about.

For example:

- Oh no!

- Help

- I'm mad

- Please help

- Question

- I need your help

- Hammy ....

This should be avoided. Users should enter something more specific in topic title so that it is easier for others to help.

A few good examples:

- Strange problem with DirectX9b redist

- RunOnceEx install problem (double installation)

- Change Internet Explorer's Icon back to default

Saying mooms was rude because he is french is still a form of racism or prejudice.

Like saying all gays are going to hell simply for being gay.

Or someone from the Philippines can sell you a 6 year old girl,

Or a Nigerian is going to tell you that you won 15million dollars.

Or your Asian neighbor can karate kick your ass or program your dvr.

So-on and so forth.

Any way you put it is completely un-excusable and will not be tolerated.

Now as to your questions;

Before starting your custom setup take a new untouched windows ISO and extract it.

Then do the customizations to the install and boot wim files.

Then use the ISO maker tool in the toolkit to repackage everything into a new ISO.

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My answer wasn't meant to be rude, but rather an advice: when you post on a forum, try to "aerate" your sentences, because a "wall" of text is hardly readable, especially for not-native English reader, that's all I meant.



I understand I sounded rude to you and "unreadable" was not the correct word (I should use "hardly readable"), actually it's because I'm French: English is not my native language and I don't always choose/know the correct words.

But as far as I know Frenchs are not rude by nature, some of them are rude, some of them very polite, but most of them are always ready and happy to help when they can.

I'm very proud and happy to be born in France, it's a great place for many reasons and also a great language.

Did you know that France is the most visited country in the world, with 83 millions of tourists in 2012 ?

Emmanuel was born in France, an other reason to be proud. B)




@NIM: I didn't knew, thanks for the info.

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Thanks for the advice on the subject.  In hindsight I figured that probably wasn't the best topic but I wanted to get across the point that if it sounded like I didn't have a clue it was because I didn't.  Secondly, it wasn't prejudice or racism, at worst you can call it stereotyping or profiling but whatever the case I apologize.  Mooms, thanks for your response and sorry for the reaction on my part but there are many things that I do know about and there are many groups that I am the one assisting new people.  It always aggravates me when someone tries to learn something and they are raked over the coals because they don't know much.  I just expect when you go to a community of experts you should expect help not criticism and I was probably expecting criticism before it ever happened.  With that said, sorry if I have upset anyone it wasn't my intention.  Unfortunately, I'm still not sure I understand whether to modify a wim or an image and how to get to a final product but I guess I will keep reading until I can ask better questions.

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Ok, I finally figured that out.  I really don't know what to put for a topic without explaining the situation but I tried.  I think the whole install.esd thing that is causing me grief just started with 8.1 when they changed from wim to esd lucky me.

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