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Tested WinToolkit_1.4.33.7_Installer.exe


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Hi Lego,


I just tested the installer (VM):

it's OK, but people should know, they should install it in user-modus (NOT express) and de-select the installation of the awesome-bar and search-engine,

otherwise they get some not wanted-software.


Silent-Switches are: /S /NCRC.

With this switches no other software has been installed.


And a small bug have I already found:

uninstalling the program the folder WinToolkit on C: and WinToolkit-RunOnce (.log, .exe, .cfg) have not been deleted.


Regards, Thiersee

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It's just an experiment I've been asked to try which is why the original 7z download is there.

Thanks for the switch info. It's useful to know. I've also fixed that bug not deleting the folder fully.

Some feedback on the installer (from everybody) would be nice :)

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It's probably a good thing but I prefer the old way.

I have my "D:\Winfix" folder where ALL things like drivers for 5 computers, updates.... is.

Also WinToolkit and ISO Toolkit.


Neither of those programs needs to be installed so it's always just to get started.

Even if I reinstall my computer everything is ready to go.


That is one advantage over an installer I guess.



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I don’t like it. I think it is a mistake to install something that works perfectly without being installed.

This is especially true when it comes with a boat load of crap ware.

You tried to fix something that was not broken.

I agree! +1




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