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Component Remover failing to remove "Unknown" packages on 8.1 Update install.wim


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Actually, it appears to be removing the packages only to parse them straight back. 

I can't make sense of these "Unknown" packages either; they don't appear to be anything like the lists of removed components being posted on MSDN or MDL forums, and don't correlate with the packages Technet lists for Win 8. 

I'm trying a few other methods to remove them but would this be a Component Remover bug or a problem with corruption in my system?


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    • By Ali Sahandi
      how to remove package Narrator and Windows Speech Recognition in the install.wim windows7
    • By testplayer
      As a DISM GUI, DX WinNT6.x True Integrator is very handy, but it has some bugs. I would like to see that WinTookit can integrate a DISM GUI into the All-in-one integrator. That will be really great, since there are way too many packages for windows server, as listed here: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh825322.aspx. In deployment of windows server, this can be extremely helpful. Thank you.
    • By eveafterdark
      Hello everyone,
      maybe someone has been through that and has knowledge to share
      is there a .cab file for mseinstall.exe (microsoft security essentials)  so that I could add it to an offline  image using dism ?
      I did some searching but found none, so I guess there's no .cab or msu for it ... ?
      the other thing - I suppose I could add  the .exe to silent installers (with WinToolKit) but then I was wondering -  is it possible to add Definition Update for Microsoft Security Essentials KB2310138 (Definition 1.165.1048.0) ?

      it is the package windows wants to download for ms security essentials after a fresh install and of course I wouldn't like to download it everytime I make a fresh install.

      By "add" I mean add it to an offline image with dism, the same way I add e.g. IE11 or prerequsities for IE11. (the way I create my images is I first do things I can do using command line and for the rest I go for wintoolkit)
      First thought is it does not make any sense to add updates (virus def) while there is no program installed yet that could use these definitions.

      But let's say I did that, and then I go to Wintoolkit and add mse.exe (silent installer). Will it work ? I mean will the antivirus program use these definitions and updates itself without downloading them?

      I'll try to do that myself but if anyone tried this before, I'll be glad to hear some feedback
    • By ericore
      To my knowledge dism does not save  changes to the datastream.
      However, I began experimenting with DISM.
      The original directory size of the mount folder is 10396, and the original wim size is 2.422.
      I removed some stuff, and added some windows updates.
      The balance was 10254 directory size and the wim size 2.618
      I then exported this wim image and the wim size went to 2.575
      My question is, the fok(If I may speak frankly)?
      I can tell you that the updates took 360 mb, to get to the 10254.
      Now if dism does not save the datastream, then the size of the wim should be 2.422 + compressed 360MB.
      Now the dism size being 2.575, it means the updates were compressed to 153MB which makes sense since the sum of the updates is 96MB, + all all the junk files the updates leave on the windows installation.
      That being said, the only point to dism that I see are to add drivers and updates, and remove unused components that won't take less space off the disc, but will take more space off the hard drive.
      That said, I guess the same applies to the component remover within Win Toolkit, or does it pull any fancy moves to reduce the size of the iso as some other tools do?  Either answer is ok, but if its the former it would be nice if you included the amount of space it would save on the hard drive for each component so the user can make more intellegent decisions as few users actually know what each component means, and your descriptions are not shall I say, user friendly.
      Personally, I preffer dism for integrading stuff as I did try the toolkit for this, but I found it very misleading and buggy.

      I am well aware that for the most part DISM does not save the datastream.
    • By gundamgenesis
      Hello Lego... excuse my english... i'm from Colombia and I'm not used to write in English. So I'm with the help of google translator
      Well, my problem is that I'm doing the AIO Windows 7 both x86 and x64 and I could integrate the updates but some silent installers will not do it ... is the case. net framework 4.0 client profile and updates, and the update patch Visual C + + 2008. The ones when installed is apparently silverlight. I'm sending you the image of the facility (in Spanish) missing to be installed from the disc, and also the silent installation configuration. I hope I clarified the doubt ... and again sorry for my English ...

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