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Unknown Mount Error (A required privilege is not held by the client)


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Hi there I am fairly new to this but I'm not sure where I'm going wrong:


I'm trying to use the WIM Registry Editor to add in my own Reg tweaks into a windows 8.1 Pro x64 ISO and I get the following errors when trying to open the editor:




I click OK past that error and get then get this:




And once more after clicking OK past that I get this:




And that last one I can't close, I have to kill the process in task manager.


**NOTE** This also happens when I try to apply anything from within the All-In-One settings I get the same Unknown Mount error with the same details of 'A required privilege is not held by the client' - but I can click ok past it and it carries on applying settings (or that's what it looks like). However when I install the ISO on a virtual machine none of the changes are present.


I'm running Windows 7 Pro x64 on the host machine, and I'm trying to create a Windows 8.1 Pro x64 (With all the updates streamlined, as well as a few silent installs for the likes of Flash player, Java etc. - Also got a few addons for VLC player and 7Zip, plus a single themepack. - And as I said before also trying to add in my own registry tweaks.)


Thanks in advance.


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Whenever you are having such problems, the first thing I would suggest as a trouble shooting method would be to try it again except without any of the extra silent installs, only the updates.  If that works, then the problem is with on of the installs and you can try adding one at a time to successive attempts until it fails.  If updates only also doesn't work,  then I would try it again without any updates either, just to see if your basic building steps are right.  If that doesn't work either, then you have a fundamental problem with your building method.  It adding no updates work, then there is a problem with one or more of the updates.  There are some that cannot be integrated but must be added as silent installers so I would then find those and make sure you have not inadvertently tried to integrate them.


Bottom line, the best troubleshooting method is to make a simple build work then gradually add more and more to it to get it like you want, rather than trying to do it all the first time using a new tool.  Trying it all at once leaves too many possible sources of error to give you definitive advice if you have problems.  If you try the above, no matter what happens you will then have more information to report so that someone can quickly point you in the right direction.


Cheers and Regards

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Thanks for the advise so far, I've just tried the AIO integrator with only removing the Australian local pack (as it doesn't let me run if I haven't changed anything) - and I still got the exact same error.


I have a sneaky feeling it's either the ISO I'm trying to use, or there's some problems with permissions on my host machine.


I'm going to try again later when I get home (currently trying on my work machine) - with the same ISO, see if it's the machine.

Failing that I'll try another ISO.


If you have any other advice it's always welcome.


Thanks for your help.


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