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Morning, This is a strange version... I cant get it to integrate anything - with or without the new "database". The integration part that used to take about 30 min takes 2 sec and the final i "small". The graphic part of WTK seems to have changed and that has some negative effects (aleast for me). Picture attached, dark lines around the small icons.


Is the prog still aiming on integrating the updates or am I just creating a list of the updates I want the final, installed windows to download and integrate? Just a crazy idea I got now...


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I haven't changed ANYTHING to do with update integration. When you delete the updateCache.db, did you close WTK and then re-open it? It is just updates that dont work? You didn't really give that much info. Did you try having 'Debug Updates' in the Options tab?


I think I may know what causes the dark squares.

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Hello, Yes I closed and reopend. Just tested ver 13 and 14.


Ver 13 works superfine as before. Ver 14 has same problems as ver 15.


BUT the problems may be mine... I could be doing something wrong.


I will try to be more specifik.


About "nothing happens". When I come to the part after I press "Start" for the work to begin - it takes 1 sec and I get this (picture).


I look at debug. Tried - no difference.


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Same problem here.
WTK 152.15 starts , all seems normal. Preset is shown, the change of sorting the Component Removal and the Updates... hmmm.
I dont like it. The icons look strange.
After clicking Start nothing happened. After 1 or 2 sec WTK show the message completed. No Mount folder, no integration of anything. The DVD-Folder is untouched.
settings.txt attached


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Today i dont have the time. I have downloaded teamviewer full version. Send u message next days, ok?

Have a nice day.



There are some news.
My son tried to build a new Installstick for his lap. After he run into same problems like me, he go a different way to finish.
He start in advanced tab the Component remover without any action and close it with holding the image mounted. then he start in
basic the integrator and load the existing preset.
He said, he could see that all 387 items in the preset are loaded, but after the screen appears from 164 Updates only 4 are listed.
He deleted the 4 and tried to add the Updates and get the message that 154 updaes are skipped, because they have a
invalid architecture - see attached Update.txt.
My daughter tried same at my PC and got the same result. WTK 152.15 isnt able to work with the Updates on my PC. Very strange!
All OS are Win7 pro x64 SP 1. My son uses original Dism, on my PC is the newer Version installed.

On Both machines is now 152.11 in action without any Problems.
Hope this helps.


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Hello Wela - looks like you have the same problem as I (v14 an 15 = problem, v13 works just superfine).


I downloaded your errorfile and I see atleast 3 things that we do the same - we run the program standalone and not from the C-drive. And our updates are not stored on the C-drive.


Don´t know if that helps - but anyway.

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we run the program standalone and not from the C-drive. And our updates are not stored on the C-drive.


Don´t know if that helps - but anyway.

I have exactly this three conditions:

I do not run WTK from C:\, I have my updates stored on E:\ and I run WTK standalone from E:\ too (I think you mean the portable version)

and I do NOT have any issues.



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I too am unable to use .14 or .15 .. when I click "Start" about 1 second later it tells me it is finished.


My system is Windows 7 Pro SP1.     I have executed the registry file I received for WinToolkit.         My system is using a fast SSD so I tested quite a bit.  


I'm successful in using .13 just fine.     I'm using the portable version and it is located in c:\WinToolkit.    I did not change any of the settings.txt information.    I download the x86 updates from M$ (as of yesterday) as I did my testing for Win 7 32-bit sp1..    I did the incorporation of the autounattend.xml (basically accept eula, set time zone, and something else I can't remember right now).   

I ran the integrator and defined my tweaks to my liking (98 of them) ... and added all the general, security and hotfix items --- as well as the IE11 items (3 in one folder and another 2 in a subfolder under the 3).      I then clicked Start and we were off to the races and later I created an ISO --- which worked perfectly.


The ISO was then used to create a Win 7 32-bit sp1 (with integrated stuff -- thanks WinToolkit) Virtual Box --- and everything worked exactly as I intended -- IE 11 .... perfectly installed and working 'out of the box'.    All my tweaks worked.    Windows Update actually updated some odd 3 items on the first pass, and like M$ needed rebooted and another couple afterward.     HUGE TIME SAVER!!!!!!!!



I saw that .14 became available.    I erased my entire c:\WinToolkit folder and completely started over, I mean from scratch.     .14 simply will not do anything when clicking Start.       .15 does exactly the same thing.


I blew away c:\WinToolkit again ... put .13 back into c:\WinTookit and started over --- exactly as before, .13 works perfectly when you click Start.    The resultant installation into a virtual box is identical to the first install I did earlier (above).


What I'm doing is definitely reproducible for .13, .14, and .15 ... .13 works, the others simply do not.     What I'm doing with .13 is really pretty simple and -should- work with .14 and .15


Please do not get me wrong, I'm not complaining .. for me .13 is golden.    .14 and .15 break something.    I wish I could spend tons of time helping figure out what.          ---    I suppose I could afford remote access at some point for testing if I had to ... if contacted I might be able to afford that.


Anyway, there we are ---   I still love the toolkit regardless.

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Share on other sites portable works superfine for me now. All that I´m curious about is that IE Hypthenation and IE Spelling got yellow hooks all the others got a green one.


Will try the installation i vbox soon. I´ll be back! Works just fine in vbox.




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I just got off work and read the replies.      I don't have teamvidwer installed on my system for remote access.    I use Ammyy Admin (extremely light on resources) and it just works great for remote access.    If you could use Ammyy Admin that'd be great.     But it looks like .16 may be the answer.     I'm going to test with that and report back here in any case.       If it is still broken I'll PM the program author and let him into my machine ....

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.16 is simply perfect !!!!!!!!        Does everything I need and then some.


I've use the Windows Update internal downloader and that all works great.    I also decided to try out the external downloader and that also works great.


Which of the two is the preferred to use ... that has the longest future support wise?



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