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AIO integrator not responding after apply & click Save Changes & something strange!


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Hi Lego,

After I integrated things using the AIO integrator (wintoolkit v1.5.3.9), it asked me an unmount confirmation dialog. 'Save & rebuild' was disabled, so I clicked on 'Save'.And, after some time, it stopped responding!; i waited for about 20mins & still the same. So I decided to forcefully close it. 

The wim was of win8.1 enterprise x64 (with update)


After that, the strange thing:

I opened WIM Manager, and I saw the same wim mounted, and was 10.xxGB. I just opened the mount location, and after 4-5mins, the mount disappeared, and there was only 2 folders: Windows>System32, and the system32 folder was empty. !!!  :blink:

I again checked the wim manager, and the mounted wim was still present! The arc now showing was x86 7 image name corrupted, build !!!  :o


So, is my wim corrupted! Should I integrate again! All the logs & not responding screenshot is given as attachments.  :confused02:






Not Responding Image:


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