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WinCert Forum default skin


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Dear members and visitors,

we have managed to restore the default theme on Wincert forum. If you still have theme issues please respond below.

This new version of the forum has an option to change the default view of the forum.

forum view.PNG

Along with the traditional forum index table view, you are now able to change it to display forums as cards in a grid:

forum view 2.PNG

or Fluid: A simpler dynamic listing topics with a forum filter box.

forum view 3.PNG

We hope you like the new forum features.


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Thanks Nik for getting this done! The new forum features are great.

Having lost the customized theme is a bit unfortunate (and largely my fault, as I triggered the forum software update...)

Anyway, obviously, we can't have both. And a good community doesn't depend on the forum colours. :)

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Hey Thiersee,

you can click the share button and you'll get a direct link to a certain post in the topic.


For instance, when I click to share your post I get this link:


I'm guessing that the post ID/number was replaced with comment ID shown as "121655" in this case..

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