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I do not find the WIndows 7 N Iso


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Hello Everyone,


I would like to download the ISO file of the windows 7 professional N x64 version with the Windows Iso downloader tool. But I cannot find it.

If I go to the windows 7 file, onlw windows 7 SP1 / SP1 OEM is available.

I check in the Hash Archive and I can find the data of the version easily:


Am I doing it wrong or is this release currently unavailable?

Thank you very munch in advance,

I wish wou a great day.

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Win 7 N versions are currently not available, but could be added. Let me quote the FAQ for details.

Q: I can't find some Windows and Office editions and languages that were available in previous versions.
A: Office 2007 had reached the end of its life cycle, and will not return. Microsoft has restricted the download options for Windows 7 and Office 2010. We have brought back the most important versions. If you feel there's a specific edition or language missing, please consider donating a suitable product key to us to integrate it into the downloader, so that you and other users can benefit from having the download continuously available.

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That would be very helpful. Thanks!

Does your key unlock the downloads on the MS site? https://www.microsoft.com/de-de/software-download/windows7

If not, it can't be used for the downloader.

Donating your key doesn't mean you'll lose it. It will be used to unlock the Win 7 downloads for the other users. It will not be used to install and activate Win 7.

MS might block your key from further downloading if it gets overused (though there are precautions in place now so that this is not gonna happen again). It is very unlikely that MS would block the key entirely for activation (but of course I can't give a 100% guarantee on that).

If you still want to donate the key, plese send me a PN.

Best wishes,


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Hello Jan,

No unfortunately my Key comes from the MSDN platform.

I tried also to use it on the MS site but it does not work. It only works on the MSDN site (that is what the customer support of MS told me. . . )

So now I am in contact with the MSDN customer support... wait and see.

But that means that, as it is not a retail key but a MDSN key, it is for you usell, isn't it?

Best Regards

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