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[AddOn] Windows Sidebar v6.0.6002.18005


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my computer says that its running in the proess list but the sidebar is not there and the icon is not showing up in the system tray can someone help me?

EDIT: nevermind i fixed it google desktop was screwing it up

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I've got an error when i tried to use the Live Messenger Gadget from the package, waht's wrong with that?

this is the translation for you Rick :thumbsup_anim:

"Die Anwendung konnte nicht richtig installiert werden. Klicken Sie auf OK, um die Anwendung zu beenden"

The application could not be installed properly. Click on OK, to finish the application

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Too bad, that MS had not implemented a function, to keep the sidebar only on the desktop.

what you call this then?



just uncheck that option :smiley_superman2: and you'll get what you want



in diesem Sinn! Augen auf beim Eierkauf

german byword :P open up your eyes when buying eggs

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Sorry but I get a Delay Load Error Warning when trying to open sidebar, but I can't install the Wireless Lan API Hotfix windowsXP_KB940541_x86_ENU.exe because there is a language mismatch with my german system which prevents it from installing. I tried to find a german version of the hotfix, but without success.

What can I do?



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Thanks! I didn't find the German version because of the different number. I have installed it and restarted windows, but i still can't start the sidebar repair. I get the same message as before:


When I try to run internet related gadgets like the weather gadgets I get this error message:


My former sidebar with VAIO worked fine, the installation of Alky didn't show any error.

What do I do wrong now? :icon_question:

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Thank for your great work and istructions.....that i follow...but when windows xp sp2 start i received this error message:


There was an error in sidebar. The application will closed

....I follow your manual install istructions:

- Uncompress the AddOn to a sub-folder

- Copy Vista Fonts to "%WinDir%\Fonts" (Optional: rename sinheix.ttf to simhei.ttf)

- Install Alky for Applications then Log Off, then On (or Reboot)

- Right click on Sidebar.inf and choose Install (you will get popup, this is OK)

- Browse for regsvr32.exe in "%WinDir%\system32", hit Select then OK (you will get another popup)

- Finally browse to the location of Sidebar.cab, hit Select, OK again (wait awhile for it to install then Reboot or Log Off and On again)....

....i install also WindowsXP_KB940541_86 for ITA system

Thank for help


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