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[Desktops] August 2007


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Ummmm, where are my votes? :whistle:

And yes i can hear the music from dreamscene :thumbsup_anim:

It looks like you'll be finalist in this month mate :thumb_yello:

BTW, you're still faithful to our Mayhem theme ;)

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MrNxDmX tell me if you r using Windows DreamScene??? nice desktop body


As you can see from pictures, its already running in the background.

nice desktop Arnab. Clock at top right and cpu&ram meters are good looking.

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What weather gadget r u using skyzerr ???

I like that.....care to share ??

Yeah sure it's called Simple date it has raving reviews It's one of the best gadgets I've used. You can get it here Along with some other great gadgets eg Everest Meter V1.0. All gadget links are down on the left

It's also available on the live gallery but it an old version there

Edited by skyzerr33
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Heres Mine

The Leopard Wallpaper looks really good with vista and the glass.... almost like it was made for it :P


Hello there... dude What is the size of your monitor??? 640x400....

If it is a laptop, even that is too small....

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