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Offline version of the MSDN Hash Database


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I think it will be a good idea to provide an offline version of the entire "Microsoft SHA1 Hash Archive from my.visualstudio.com". It could be a simple SQL dump file packed in ZIP archive - just to be able to recreate offline version of this database. It would really help in keeping this important database available for a long time.


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I've already started researching database handling in Visual Studio some time ago to be able to provide offline access through the ISO downloader. It's not as straightforward as it sounds...

Version 9.0 will feature a complete re-design of the application. Maybe I'll include the database with a very basic search interface, similar to the new downloads database.

A downloadable SQL dump is not an option. I do see the benefit of having mirrors and clones of important data, however, I had several weeks effort of reverse engineering and collecting the data. Fact is, my livelihood relies 90 to 95% on advertising revenue, and providing the tools to clone a web interface to the data would be counterproductive.

Instead, I will create a secondary backup of the data in the cloud, to make sure that in a worst case scenario it will not be lost.

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I see. Sure, you should have revenue from your work (which is amazing by the way). On the other hand, we know that web is very fragile to many factors - maybe you will be forced to take down the database because of DMCA or simple lack of resources. I personally would pay you for such dump in SQL or CSV or any other reasonable format, so maybe you could offer such download possibility for donators? Please think about it. I saw many valuable content on the web took down overtime and I would really miss your fantastic project - which has real impact on general public's computer security.

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In case MS requests a DMCA takedown, the SQL dump will surely somehow mysteriously make its way to a code sharing platform...

In the unlikely case of a lack of resources, I'm sure I'll find a way to either copy the project onto some free webspace, or make the database available for download.

But as I said, I'll integrate an offline version into the ISO downloader, so the database will never be lost for good.

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I would like to politely second the request.

My gratitude in advance.


Please create a 'MSDN SHA1 Hash Archive' cvs/xlsx/xml for distribution.


6507,469,c6de908d7c7320d15b3d59fd45bb1f026e26ec4c,en_net_cf_1.0_sp2_developer_redist.exe,EXE,12 MBytes,x86,English,2004-07-28 21:12:00,MSDN/#/.NET Compact Framework 1.0/.NET Compact Framework 1.0 Developer Redistributable


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This would really help a lot of people. I'm sure lot's of them would even make a donation for such database.

Above example is OK, but I would go for:

  • "bytes" as file size (if such value is provided by MyVisualStudio);
  • saving date/time in ISO 8601 format (so, taking the above, it would be "2004-07-28T21:12:00");
  • maybe use some other delimiter than comma (",") - for example "|". Just to prevent cases where comma is used in product name/description.
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I'm digging up the subject a bit because I think that the archives on my.visualstudio.com are not up to date or my iso is corrupted.

I have downloaded with Windows iso Downloader "Win10_20H2_v2_French_x64.iso" are md5, sha1 or other is not recognized in the tool.
I can't find it either on https://www.heidoc.net/php/myvsdump.php
is it me who is wrong?

my hash is :


Win10_20H2_v2_French_x64.iso    MD5    BFDE7D1B9580727F1CC9822EE5B3AC37
Win10_20H2_v2_French_x64.iso    SHA-1    3C3DEEA8231B4345784D904B581A23B93B4B9A1C
Win10_20H2_v2_French_x64.iso    SHA-256    51AEA32B1CBEC644CA02F691D2B9273A872FE42E98C52A073AB55815057C2CE8
Win10_20H2_v2_French_x64.iso    SHA-512    79703C92315B9EE00BE080D1B8145D886CF575BA8FD11A34DB5CF11B7D0A6981804137C408B12F2FEA570B88744CCA4131694F71FBDE2D60A9D228B4E9A8AFBB
Win10_20H2_v2_French_x64.iso    BLAKE3    49822359C213A42B4E77022C8F2E15DCD9A4FB74C837A0BAAAFEA141B286BF6F


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Indeed, I think your ISO is corrupted, as I have different hashes:


  Nom: Win10_20H2_v2_French_x64.iso
  CRC-32: d7db0bbb
     MD5: 4e8c130acbfcf51f5a139d9999310788
   SHA-1: 0e02044a25f830ef5f1de335dfe16370b000d12f
 SHA-256: 768638760180cac5a38bbf91638ad58479ffce0fd310abe3e428b92d0ecc715c
 SHA-512: d43716d288df8ae80fc6a1cf809ade36ef8b3e89f447d7a6b7769a0cac4dc8d5fc9cf4daa1120f6e8ca77fde930e9de79099e771ab3e2536f42d286fe3f53d8e

Which correspond to this ISO: https://www.heidoc.net/php/myvsdump_details.php?id=p6852f95599ax64lfr

You should download it again.

If you have a slow connection, you should use a download manager, like Jdownloader2.

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thank you for the confirmation and the correction of my version, it is indeed a Windows 10 (consumer editions), version 20H2 (updated Nov 2020)
I just checked the x86 version and it matches the hash, so my x64 ISO is corrupted but using the Windows ISO Downloader.
I'm going to download the x64, as I did with the x86 version and use FDM.

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The file doesn't have to be corrupted - Microsoft sometimes release updated versions of ISO files.

You can also try to download ISO from https://www.microsoft.com/software-download/ - be sure to change your browser's user-agent parameter to - for example - Linux; otherwise you will be forcibly redirected to download the Image Creation Tool.

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