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[AddOn] QT Address Bar v0.9.5


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I'm a novice slipstreamer, I read to use Nlite RunOnceEx feature to install this tool.

I'm looking for a mini-how-to guide about what command I need to put in RunOnceEx command line and in which folder the addon must be placed.



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can some one confirm,, if this is responsible for showing the inside contents of a viewable files in *inf *txt when hovering above them!. if its QT doing that then this is one good feature i would suggest looking in to how to pull in some cool settings its got to offer and default them in this addon

EDIT : forgot to mention: from A search window after searching for .txt for example

for images as well ...


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it doesn't work for me.. QT Address Bar is missing after installation of windows.. My Integrated Windows XP Professional Includes windows update till July 16, 2011 with .Net Framework 1.1 up to 4.0..

i already tried to go to View > Toolbars > QT Addressbar..

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