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which is the best firewall out of this three softwares, also most importantly considering system resources.

sygate personal firewall v5

comodo firewall pro

kerio personal firewall v2.51

or any other free or premium firewall?

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what about sygate personal firewall, i heard its really good, and low on system resources, is it any better than comodo.

i know Nod32's new security suit is going to be the best, because of their excellent all round protection, and low system resourse usage, but its only it beta now, release date i dont really know for the final.

so what about sygate firewall, version 5

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Online Armour is offering a free version that is supposedly up there with the best.

As I have a hardware firewall I only need outbound control.

Using Sandboxie here and by adding the below settings to SB's ini file nothing but Firefox can connect to the net from within a sandboxed browsing session.





Replace firefox with the browser name you are using and remember that nothing else "running sandboxed" will be able to connect, including your email app.

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I like N0d32 but only thing I hate about it is when testing my addons by manually installing them they take forever because stupid nod is scanning each png file :huh:

It takes 1 Hour (not kidding) to install the Windows Sidebar

yeah that i hate that too, also i uninstalled nod32 security suite once and my computer stuffed up, it shut down and reboot automatically and continuously, only when i reinstall it, the problem stopped occurring. :lol2: :blink:

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