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Happy Birthday to WinCert.net


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Well, it's been one year since WinCert.net changed to a new forum structure along with Joomla. One long, prosperous year. Many new members have shown up here at WinCert.Net since the new forum structure came into play. We are currently sitting at just under 3000 members. That's an amazing growth in one year.

One year ago, WinCert.Net switched to Joomla and introduced a new forum structure. In doing this, new members started joining. The new structure was easier to navigate and find a good spot to post questions.

Here at WinCert.Net we strive to help you with your computer problems, Windows customization and addons along with third party application support. We will continue this tradition as long as we are here on the Internet. We hope to help you with your problems and get them solved as fast as possible. We have a very knowledgeable staff on the site to help you with many different problems.

We would also like to thank Bold_Fortune for joining the forum and posting his many years of dedicated work on slimming down Windows XP. Read through his guide and just see how much information is included in his guide. It's an amazing, very well documented masterpiece.

To show you all our success, I'll attach the screenshot of our statistics from the time we passed on MSFNHosting:


So on that note my friends, I thank you for your continuing support and hope you all enjoy many more years to come here at WinCert.Net.

-Thank you,

WinCert.Net staff


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Thank all you guys for becoming the beginning members of our community, we plan to be around for a long while and with all the members here right now, thank all of you for making WinCert a great success! We hope you will all be life long members and be here to embrace all the future successes WinCert will encounter! Lets all keep up the great success! :D

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:guitar: happy birthday wincert.... :guitar: happy birthday wincert..... :oops: I better stop singing or this forum will be empty soon and they will through tomatoes at me :boo:

Let's celebrate a great year and many to come

Now, where were you for the last few days.. :rolleyes:

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