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Sun Java Runtime 6 update 24 x86

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Sun Java Runtime Environment 6 Update 18 is out, Can we get an update please kel ?

Sorry no addon no more it is wayy too easy for you to make an entries file for yourself.

Plus the integrator takes switchless installers now....



Well I think I got it working (created that package by myself), tried it on 2 computers and works great.

Same config as displayed on the first site of this topic.

Tell me if it worked for you, k? ;)



Ok just found out somehow the starting the .reg doesnt work, YET... working on that

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i sincerely hope that Kel is coming back...

all the info to "create your own" is already here on this site, yet generalized to encompass more than just Java...

i'll start a new thread (though i wish i had Kel's direct approval to do so) and do a step-by-step breakdown on how to create your one EXECUTABLE silent install (ie, not an nLite addon)...

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