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[Addon] OOBES for windows xp


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Hey orbit, may i release modified versions under turkish part of the forum? (htm files are modified for language)

Also, been waiting for the ultimate edition :)

Edit: I've released one here: http://www.wincert.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=3206

Hope you dont mind. I've gived credit to you and this topic :)

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Sure i will make a few more for you guys including the 3 above, i will post a how to for anyone wanting to mod their own, im busy at the moment so i'll probably post 2nite.. ;)

MrNxDmX cool, no worries.. ;)

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It's a geek talk mate ^_^

Is there any particular reason why you've attempted to squeeze the sentence for the closing page in a bit, like with the single-worded "ThankYou"?

Is there some kind of text limit there? Just wondering tis' all.

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Here's mine... :D

just to see if you like it! ;)

i like it, but the white text in the green area(bottom right corner) is hard to read. is it possible to change the color of the font in certain areas?

other than that it looks good :)

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