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[Addon] OOBES for windows xp


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Many thanks for this HJW :)

I have a quick question for you, if you don't mind!!! ;)

Ever since I have my new widescreen LCD monitor, I have started to use a higher resolution for Windows setup, and I would like to know, is it possible to use higher resolution images in the OOBE than 1024x768? Even 1280x1024 would be a dramatic improvement!

I have a widescreen monitor too and never thought about higher res images until now. I'll test it out with ->this wallpaper<- or better yet ->this one<-and if no one replies with info then i'll let you know ;) Edited by InfinitiProject
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How to create these????

If you extract the addon, you will so that there are files in the i386 folder that get changed. It's just like changing sysdm etc.


What happens if you delete the "newbtm1" and a like from the folder? Will it just skip those 4 files? Or will it cause a issue with the install?


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I tried to make OOBE screen what HJW shared with me and ı wanted to make this OOBE for many times...

Could try and comment?

And special thanks to HJW :)





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hi mate.. just found a few old ones that i had backed up on old storage device..

now i can change one of them to meet my own needs..

but thanks for your offer..

and yes i use both xp and seven..

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