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[Addon] Kel's UberPacK v16.2 & Notepad2-Mod

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Hes installing it on Vista/7 (why not use the win7 uberpack instead?)

BTW kel you could use a copyfiles flag (32) to skip same/higher version files to not prompt

Value Meaning
1 On CopyFiles: Warn if user tries to skip file.
1 On DelFiles: If file is in use, queue up delayed delete in wininit.ini. Otherwise an in-use file
will not be deleted.
2 Setup Critical: don't allow user to skip file.
4 Ignore version check and always copy file. This will overwrite a newer file.
8 Force Rename (trick engine into thinking that file is in use). Note: Only happens if file
already exists on target.
16 If file already exists on target, don't copy.
32 Suppress version conflict dialog and don't overwrite newer files.

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Wait where would I put that flag?

In the copyfiles secion


This is what it would look like for wiaaut.dll


Hey rick?

Will you pick through the top of my inf and "Suggest" modification(s) to make it work for the yahoos that insist on using it this way?

Edit: BTW it looks fine, just doing those two changes should do the trick (you already copy the inf, that would have been another suggestion)

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You actually mean to tell me that you had this issue for 14 days and it was just a vm install? Why in gods name didn't you just make a new install?

It was throwing the same error on Win7 and the XP VM. To clarify I did reinstall the VM about 5x. I would have gotten the same error on a stock XP hard drive install also.

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Image Preview v4
(MIPSE.dll MiTeC Image Preview Shell Extension) is buggy.

It has problem with some image files that is greater 2 Mb size and that is scanned from scanner.

It cause the explorer.exe to hang (not responding) when click / right click on these files.

After the MIPSE.dll is unregistered, the problem is solved(ie. not responding problem)

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Kel's having problems both his health, been in the hospital for several days, and with his site. It's not you. No need to keep asking for updates, we're all aware of the issues. Just be patient and keep an eye out for updates.

Cheers and Regards

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