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[Addon] Kel's UberPacK v16.2 & Notepad2-Mod

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I'm Using your addon Notepad2 v3.1.21.5. But after install I check the version is Notepad2 v3.1.21.5 RC4. I thought it a final version

That's just a name. NP2 "RC4" is more stable and polished than the "final" versions of most other programs...

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Heya Kel,

Hope you are well because i've come to depend on a few of your addons :)

One of them in particular is causing an issue, was wondering if you could help me track it down -- something in UberPack 14.4 (could be earlier versions as well) is causing the following behavior: if you open an explorer window to view a folder with audio files in it, and the window recognizes this and so displays the appropriate actions in the side bar -- if you click on Play all, instead of playing the files with the default media player, it brings up the 'Move items' dialog box. You have to click cancel twice before the media player launches. I never use this method to start files myself, but a user of one of my XP mods does and i feel obligated to fix this for him :) i just had a quick look at UberPack.inf but i'm no expert -- which is why i thought i'd ask one ;)

Any help much appreciated,


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