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[Addon] Kel's CPL All-in-One v12.6

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Hi Kel,

Thanks for the update. I just downloaded both versions and the addon has CPU-Z v1.51 and GPU-Z v0.3.4 but the silent installer has CPU-Z v1.50 GPU-Z v0.3.3.

Just wanted to let you know that this is my favorite addon! Thanks a ton for all your work. It is much appreciated. :thumbsup_anim:

Would you consider including Nero Info Tool 5.3.3 again. I know you took it out but I don't remember why.

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After a few weeks on the Win 7 RC (7100), I'm having no problems with the CPL addon. But then again, my definition of what might be a problem is different than most so here goes....

Several utils are problematic or wholly inoperative under Win7 7100. They are (with comments):

BootVis - doesn't work at all, just complains about not being Vista-ready and drops out.

MS Autoplay Repair - not necessary with Win7, redundant.

MSI Cleaner - I've always thought this one to be 'dangerous'.

Dial-a-Fix - not needed under Win7, there is a slight outside chance it might do Something Bad.

Tweak UI - not needed/useable under Win7.

For my own purposes, it's easy enough to comment out the relevant lines in the .inf so no real hassle for me. I'm just posting this info for consideration.

Many thanks!

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