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[FINAL] Windows Easy Transfer (en es tr nl de)


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This software installs Windows Easy Transfer on a Windows XP-based PC. This software is already built into Windows Vista, so it is not necessary to install it on a Windows Vista-based PC. Windows Easy Transfer enables you to automatically copy your files, photos, music, e-mail, settings, and more to your new Windows Vista-based PC. This makes it much easier to setup your new computer with all your personal data and settings. This software provides support for transfering data with Easy Transfer Cables or across a network, external drive, or CD/DVD. As an alternative to downloading, Windows Easy Transfer can be installed from the CD that came with your Easy Transfer Cable, or by following the directions in the Windows Vista version of Windows Easy Transfer on how to copy the program to Windows XP.

System Requirements

* Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP

Windows Easy Transfer supports the following operating systems:

1) Windows XP SP2 to Windows Vista

2) Windows Vista to Windows Vista

Windows Easy Transfer supports transfers via any one of the following methods:

1) USB Easy Transfer Cable

2) Network connection

3) Removable media (such as a USB flash drive or external hard disk)

4) CD or DVD

Windows Easy Transfer (transfer files and settings from XP 2 Vista)

Info: This addon fully replaces the XP Files and Settings Transfer Wizard with the Windows Easy Transfer from Vista SP1.

Program is replaced/installed in \WINDOWS\system32\usmt and you will find the shortcut located in All Programs->Accessories->System Tools.

Downside: The Windows Easy transfer only works from XP -> Vista or Vista <-> Vista, does not work XP <-> XP or Vista -> XP so if you want functionality instead of style then stick with the original migwiz

Warning: Integrate with nLite only (v1.4.9 and up.) Also this ONLY works with same language Operating System as the addon was made/translated for.

tabdownload.png en-US (English)

MD5: b9b195440554e1b937b61f088ebcff3c

Size: 6.17 MB

tabdownload.png es-ES (Spanish)

MD5: 773446E71530D4B0065BD26A2FCB9E98

Size: 6.22 MB

tabdownload.png tr-TR (Turkish)

MD5: 486A658B428F178F39E4B7F477ED5D38

Size: 6.22 MB

tabdownload.png nl-NL (Dutch)

MD5: C32FDF4527189D95E12BEC1648F818C7

Size: 6.22 MB

tabdownload.png de-DE (German)

MD5: 12914394D071DB12886FF20B0BF8A5C1

Size: 6.22 MB

Website: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...EC-4928FA173266

<div class="offtopic_all"><div class="offtopic_top" onclick="show_offtopic(this);"><span class="offtopic_title">Off-Topic Comment</span><span class="offtopic_desc">(Click to Show)</span></div><div class="offtopic"> Translations Requests Welcome

If you want this program translated into your language here is what I need:

1- I need these .MUI files from any of the specified locations on a Vista (SP1) DVD or install (in the language you want it translated to)

MUI Files:
MUI Dirs:
X:\support\migwiz\xx-XX (DVD)

2- Tell me what language nLite says your OS is?


3- TXTSETUP.SIF and SYSSETUP.INF/IN_ from the language you want it ported to

4- I may need help translating these Strings:

migwizShortCutName = "Windows Easy Transfer"
migwizActionName = "Transfer files and settings"
migwizAddonTip = "Migrates files and settings from one computer to another."

<span class="offtopic_close" onclick="this.parentNode.style.display='none';">[Close]</span></div></div>

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Updated to FINAL now that nLite 1.4.9 is out and the script.dll obsolete_files bug is gone. nLite will warn you if you try to remove Files and Settings Wizard (this is a feature requested by me to stop ppl from removing stuff a addon might depend on)

Added Dutch version...still open to more translation requests

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Helmi I need allot more than that, read my list of things

Oi, missed #3!

Anyway, that's just two files, right?

Not really "a lot more", innit? ;)

EDIT: Ok, other post edit, missing files added to archive.

Hopefully I got it all this time.

If not, I dunno what could be missing still ;)

Edited by Helmi
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DAM! there was a turkish mui in there, its fixed now

BTW if you want to fix this without the need to re-install you can download the new addon & extract miguires.mui then rename it to miguires.dll.mui and copy it to \WINDOWS\system32\usmt\en-US

Thanks, but I tested in a VM, so I'll just dump it in the i386 folder or whereever nLite sent this little addon of yours

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