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Vote for your favorite WinCerteer


Vote for your favorite Wincerteer  

108 members have voted

  1. 1. Who did contribute most lately to our forum?

    • Legolash2o (Vista Updates Toolkit)
    • Baran SEREN (True-AddOn Maker)
    • MrNxDmX (True-AddOn Maker )
    • OnePiece (Internet Explorer 7 True Addon)
    • Kelsenelenelvian (WPI)
    • ricktendo64 (huge contribution to the forum)
    • orbit30 ( Media Center Edition 2005)
    • DaRk MaDnEsS (Vista Orb In start of the Logon)
    • Jonnyboy (Firefox Addon Maker v0.476)
    • Mr.Thunderbird (Extension Manager)

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Dear visitors of WinCert.net,

with a generous offer from Neobytes Solutions company, we got 3 full licenses for the latest version of their Titan backup software.


We have decided to reward 3 of our members with full license for the latest version (2.3) of Titan backup software. We've also choosed several members who contributed to our forum with their applications, addons or similar useful stuff.

All you have to do is to vote for your favorite member, so he/she can win this prize.

If we forgot someone and should be on this list, please let us know in this topic and we'll do the update..

You also can vote for more members if you want.

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Voted. Thank you for putting me to list but Baran was the actual coder. Without him, True addon maker wouldnt exist ;)

Anyway, i'm sure rick will get one of licences :)


Well, I forgot to mention, if someone wins this license, if he doesn't need it, he can generously give it to someone else from this list. Then I will directly PM license to that member :)

Voting will be open for two weeks..

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lol since it impossible that i win

i`m impressed that i already got 5 votes :D

<<<maybe next vote i would get 7^^

any way good luck for every one

and one last question

is Cheating Allowed ? ^_^

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Thank you all for voting in this internal competition.

Three members which have won a full license for the latest version (2.3) of Titan backup software are:

Ricktendo64 - 60 votes

MrNxDmX - 53 votes

Baran SEREN - 41 votes

Those members will get their fully functional key in PM.


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