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[AddOn] Windows 7 Media Center 1.0 (English)


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ehomenb4.pngWindows 7 Media Center v1.0 (English)

Info: This addon you place after the Media Center for XP addon in the nLite addon order and what it does is update ehres.dll and other files that have been modded to look like the Windows Media Center from Vista (also includes Vista fonts)

Note: Make sure you have the latest Media Center addon, use a MD5 tool to check or re-download it.

HUGE!!! Thanks to: bober, fediafedia and AMIRZ for their work...thanks guys

May 13, 2009



MD5: 4a956899a87fc1951b9a7e32d5b0888c

Size: 6.66 MB

Website: http://ricktendo64.deviantart.com/art/XP-M...-2008-106010573



- Renamed Windows 7 Media Center

- New startup sound and a couple PNG's (very minor changes)

- Updated for compatibility with the new Media Center addon


- Removed sn.exe (thanks to bober)

- No longer requires Microsoft Runtime Libraries addon

- Minor tweaks to ehres.dll


- Initial English version release

- Re-Added 256x256 icons to ehres.dll


- Minor changes to mcdftreg.inf to reflect change in the Media Center addon


- More files modded (ehdrop.dll, ehRec.exe, ehRecvr.exe, ehSched.exe, ehshell.exe, ehui.dll, RegisterMCEApp.exe) including the taskbar icon (this is thanks to AMIRZ)

- All references to Media Center have been changed to say Windows Media Center including shortcuts (same as Vista)

- Added darker NOW PLAYING background (this is thanks to fediafedia)

- Added a couple more aero glass stuff replacing some ugly green ones

- And many other improvements and changes (so many I cant name them) to ehres.dll

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If you use XPTSP after this it may change ehres.dll, the one here is a bit more updated

BTW for those who dont want to do a complete reformat you can:

- Extract the addon and rename all the "same name" files in the ehome dir example ehres.dll to ehres.dll.bak, eshell.exe to eshell.exe.bak, etc.

- Then after you have backed up and replaced all the files you have to do this so the modded ehshell.exe can work (this is thanks to AMIRZ) place sn.exe in system32 or the same ehome dir, open a cmd window and run

sn -Vr ehshell.exe


sn -Vr RegisterMCEApp.exe

- Install Vista MCE fonts (segmcr.ttf, segmcsb.ttf and segoemcl.ttf)

- Optionally you may also want to rename all your "Media Center" shortcuts to "Windows Media Center" and somehow refresh you icon cache to get the new Vista icons

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I can pass you the new ehres.dll.res but I did mod a couple more ehome other stuff to change all "Media Center" strings to "Windows Media Center" and the ehres.dll.res will kinda look ugly if the new Vista MCE font is not installed...this reminds me I forgot to add the fonts install step to the instructions above

Also if one plans on modding ehshell.exe you need to use the strong name utility to make it work

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I never figured out how to use the MUI files with the DLL's, IDK if it requires a reg entry or what...thats why I reshacked the mui stuff directly into the dll

And if you do figure it out the media center will not be vista'ized anymore, you will need to edit the mui files with the vista style

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Rick, dumb question here:

Should XPtsp be applied to source before/after integrating this addon with nlite?

It's the order of things I need to know.

Well XPTSP will overwrite my ehres.dll with a older mod, so here is the updated ehres.dll.res that you can add it to xptsp and all it will do is re-apply the same mod as is in the addon (meaning it will change nothing)

If you can find a way to tell xptsp to skip the ehome patching it would be better, will save you time

BTW I do not recomend you guys add this ehres.dll.res permanently into XPTSP because it requires a new Vista MCE font be integrated into XP, also patching ehshell.exe & registermceapp.exe is not a good idea either because they require sn.exe be integrated and run

Rick, can you create this addon in my language? If i post you czech files which you need?

IDK, too much work on my plate

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- Removed sn.exe (thanks to bober)

- No longer requires Microsoft Runtime Libraries addon

- Minor tweaks to ehres.dll

As requested I made a INF (not BAT) that will install this on a already installed system, you dl and put it in the extracted addon folder then right click it and chose install

Important: do this in Safe Mode to be sure it replaces the files, otherwise wpf will screw you


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